Saturday, May 19, 2007

More Cranking up of the Media Spin Machine

This story’s late addition to the main stream media is another example of how western media constantly works to downplay the bad behavior of men trying to protect their ever-worsening reputations. Meanwhile every time we turn around there’s more evidence of some new atrocity thought up by the most aggressive being to inhabit our planet: the human male. Anyway this latest vicious act took place last month. It’s been being discussed in the blogosphere for weeks now. Yet CNN JUST saw fit to post the story yesterday.

Not to mention how they attempted to downplay the fact that these crimes are really hate crimes against women by including a line within the article implying that men can be victimized as well. Thus making it appear to the average reader that this is just another nutty muslim tradition that included men within it, but, in fact, men are not victims of honor killings at all. When men are killed by their family and neighbors in this context it’s generally for collaborating with the enemy, not just for walking down the street or talking with a man who’s not a relative, the way a woman can be targeted for an innocent everyday act.

This is very similar to the way the media ignored the horrible rape and torture of an upper west side woman last month. She was the victim of a push-in robbery, where a man kept her prisoner for almost 24 hours raping and torturing her the entire time, even going to the extent of slitting her eyelids. He left her for dead but somehow she managed to survive, I think she’s still in the hospital however. Now what did we hear about this event which happened in the media capital of the world I might add, New York City? I think ONE ARTICLE, maybe two mentioned it. This story got almost no coverage except when they finally caught the rapist, the reporter made sure to include a comment sympathetic to him within it claiming ‘he never got a break”.

Who cares???

Well other men do obviously.

Just as they came to the rescue of their brothers Alex Baldwin and David Hasselhoff, desperately making excuses for their bad behavior towards their children.

Just as they continuously lie about the growing number of mothers who are losing custody of their children, trying to paint men as victims of discrimination in family court.

This honor killing spin is just another example of the free pass given to man by our media, as he continues plundering the resources, children and lives of woman.

Authorities in northern Iraq have arrested four people in connection with the "honor killing" last month of a Kurdish teen -- a startling, morbid pummeling caught on a mobile phone video camera and broadcast around the world.

The case portrays the tragedy and brutality of honor killings in the Muslim world. Honor killings take place when family members kill relatives, almost always female, because they feel the relatives' actions have shamed the family.

In this case, Dua Khalil, a 17-year-old Kurdish girl whose religion is Yazidi, was dragged into a crowd in a headlock with police looking on and kicked, beaten and stoned to death last month.


Val said...

Speaking of being locked up & tortured all week (not to make light of that poor woman's ordeal; it's late & I'm tired so I should stagger off to bed), COMING SOON: my post about my surreal week at Children's Hosp watching over my son in the company of my ex...
I have feared for YEARS that he was going to get my son killed, and he almost did. To add insult to injury, they released him into his father's tender mercies this evening -- it's HIS WEEKEND, dammit!

NYMOM said...

It's interesting that you should mention this as I've often heard similar stories.

Where custodial fathers will deliberately have the kids doing dangerous things, almost like they are flaunting their power over you to do whatever they want with your children.

You don't even have the social power a wife would normally have to moderate her husband's behavior if he was allowing the kids to do dangerous things.

Sorry to hear about your son.

Anonymous said...

True that more men are getting custody, compared to the past, but more women than men still have custody. But is it really such a big difference between men and women? I don't know any man who would condone a lynching like that. The problem, really, is the divide between us to begin with.

Val said...

That's the exact point I'm afraid...
What almost made my head explode was when I went to my shrink's office, expecting HIM [emphasis mine] to be aghast just like everyone else I've told -- yet he was completely blowing me off!
I've got to find myself a female shrink, so much for trying to find someone in the same zip code ;-)
Look at my blog when you have a chance, this non-geek managed to download a picture of the "crime scene"...

Spidey said...

Misery loves company.

Anonymous said...


You just made it to the front page of the most obnoxious blogger of all time.

It takes special talent to make it to the front page and you managed to pull it off.

Once again, CONGRADULATIONS, it's very well earned!

NYMOM said...


I just went there to view the link...I recognize the names of the voters as notorious mens rights nuts from places like Stand Your Ground and Gonzo's Bar and Grill...some of whom I've been fighting with for years...

They are all a bunch of idiots like yourself...the whole voting campaign was orchestrated and thus, totally meaningless.

Get a life already, you morons.

NYMOM said...

"True that more men are getting custody, compared to the past, but more women then men still have custody."

Yes for now. But following the trendlines to their logical conclusion this will not remain the case. Not to mention the emotional abuse you put women through holding their kids hostage like this...I know many people say they are only concerned about the children in these situations not their mothers; but until you can show me how a child can will itself into existence without its mothers' participation, we are going to have to be concerned about the mothers involved. What women is going to chance having children under these conditions???? We just look at the immediate tragedy for the mother of losing custody of her child, but we don't see the dozens of other young women who see this happening to some mother they know and guess what: they quietly opt out as well.

We cannot treat men and women alike in this area as men contribute little or nothing, risk nothing, invest nothing in the choice to have children. They are bit players here and if they continue refusing to accept it and manipulating the media and our court system, then we simply won't have any kids in the future to fight over.

It's pretty simple.