Thursday, October 27, 2016


A Monaco judge has granted full custody of Hermes, 9, and Helena, 6, to Rutherford’s ex-husband Daniel Giersch, according to leaked documents obtained by the Daily Mail.

Moving forward the children – who have lived with their father in Monaco and France since 2012 – will remain with Giersch and, while the parents must make decisions concerning their kids’ lives jointly, Rutherford is “only permitted to ‘exercise her visiting and accommodation rights exclusively in France and Monaco.’ “

New York-based lawyer Susan Moss, a partner at Chemtob Moss & Forman who is not involved with Rutherford’s case, tells PEOPLE that, after Rutherford’s appeals in both California and New York state were denied, “What the Monaco court is doing is saying, ‘We have jurisdiction, and we want to keep it.’ ”


Actually this mother was extremely lucky that her visitation wasn't terminated as I've known mothers whose contact with their children was terminated for a lot less...For instance:  just talking with your children about the possibility of them living permanently with you at some point in the future can be grounds for termination of contact.   So yes be aware that Judges can claim this as evidence of emotional abuse and use it to terminate your contact.

I guess this woman was lucky because she was famous...

One last note:  I've never heard of this happening to a man but I've had a number of 
mothers contact me and say their visitation with their children was terminated for this reason...actually with men the courts bend over backwards for them to have visitation 
even enforcing it when they are in prison, forcing mothers to bring children inside
dangerous prisons to visit these men...

Kelly Rutherford will have to relocate probably; maybe to England and schedule her
visitation from there, as I don't even think they would allow her to live permanently in either Monaco or France least she'll be just a train ride away from her children and maintain her contact with them as much as the courts will allow.  

Anyway I wish her luck...

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