Saturday, November 08, 2008

New President, New Policies

Well I haven't posted in a while...

My grand daughter, all of 13 years old, is now living with me while she finishes junior high school. AND she came with her dog (a 6 month old puppy); so, needless to say I've been pretty busy.

I did want to comment on the recent election of Barack Obama. I think this could morph into a good things for mothers and children. First of all, his wife is a stay-at-home mother, not one of these crazed gender neutral feminists, who spends all of her time at work ignoring her children AND more importantly expects every other woman to validate her decision by doing the exact same thing. Michelle Obama appeared to have her priorites correctly aligned, as we can see from her comment about her role in the White House: she sees her main task as working to make life as normal as possible for her children and husband (in that order).


That's right.

I had to laugh to myself as I imagined Hillary Clinton and the NOW crowd hearing that comment from Michelle Obama last week.

The reality is that these crazed gender neutral feminists are never happy unless every mother is dumping her kids into a daycare center for 10 hours a day, while they trudge off to work from dawn to dusk. Any mothers staying at home are viewed as a personal insult to their ilk and they'll do anything to shoot them down. But they're too politically correct to trash the First Lady of the First African American President of the United States. So they'll have to suck it up for the next four (or eight) years and pretend to admire Michelle Obama while inside they are seething...

It's rich...

Thus, this situation has the potential to morph into more public policies being passed that favor MOTHERS especially stay-at-home mothers and that's the way it should be; at least if a society wishes to survive, never mind thrive.

So those are my thoughts on the election.

Peace Out!!!!