Monday, April 05, 2010

Visitation of men more important then safety of children while in their care

I came across this article while I was reading something else and thought I would post it on my blog since the comments were so interesting.

Now, I don’t generally post this sort of article on my blog since I understand that statistics show mothers abuse and/or neglect kids more then fathers. Although I do believe that this is because, until fairly recently, men ignored their children most of the time. However, now that high child support awards are being rigorously enforced and visitation can cut down on the amount of those awards, men have finally started paying attention again. Thus, mothers being over-represented in the abuse statistics will eventually be balanced out as more men get visitation (who have absolutely no interest whatsoever in these kids, many are just basically accidental and/or recreational sperm donors).

Anyway, overtime we will start seeing male abuse/neglect numbers increase as they start spending more unsupervised time around children.

But that’s another debate for another day.

The really interesting thing about the article was the recognition of the people commenting that, without a doubt, some judge would swiftly reinstate this father(s) visitation and put these children right back at risk again. Probably within 30 days or so someone commented.

AND this is all due to political correctness trying to enforce gender neutral norming, the jealousy of men and their continuing attempts to undermine the mother/child bond, and lastly, the growing strength of various mens/fathers rights advocates putting the interest of men ahead of the interest of all others…

Cops: Men Left Kids During 2-Day Binge

Kids Told Police They Were Hungry
POSTED: Monday, April 5, 2010

UPDATED: 1:50 pm EDT April 5,2010

JACKSON, Mich. -- Two Hillsdale County men who left two hungry children in a vehicle during a two-day drinking and partying binge face child abandonment charges, according to authorities.

Jackson County Sheriff's deputies arrested the children's 28-year-old father and 27-year-old uncle about 12:30 a.m. Sunday inside of a bowling alley in Summit Township. Deputies said the men were intoxicated when they were arrested.

Deputies were called to the Summit Lanes Bowling Alley to check on a report of abandoned children in a vehicle. When deputies arrived, they found the 4- and 6-year-old children were found locked inside a vehicle in the parking lot. The children told deputies they had not eaten in two days while their father and uncle drove around drinking and partying.

Police said the children were living in "unsanitary conditions" and that there were beer bottles inside of the vehicle.

Both men face child abandonment charges. They are expected to be arraigned Monday afternoon.

A Department of Human Services investigation is ongoing.

Jackson County Lt. Brad Piros said the children have been returned their mother.
"This was actually part of his visitation. He actually had the children for the weekend," said Piros.

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Guest 11 minutes ago
Where was the mother?

JoyceShane 14 minutes ago
Were was the mother?

katie2982 8 minutes ago
Father had visitation for the weekend- so the mother was not in contact with the children for that weekend. It clearly says so in the article.

pct84 16 minutes ago
He'll get his kids back in a month or so. He'll probably kill them while driving drunk and we'll all be saying, "Why did the judge give visitation back!". It's like a broken record in this coutry. What's easiest for the Judge is whats best for the kids.

soulardguys 16 minutes ago
Should have brought the baby sitter with them.

laurieda 33 minutes ago
This guy is the definiton of a LOSER DAD. Him and the Uncle should both have any visiting rights taken away for many years. At least until the kids are old enough to get the keys back and drive away and leave the 2 losers where they are partying.

laurieda 34 minutes ago
What a couple of animals these 2 guys are. The father should never get to see those kids again. I live in Canada and unfortunately here, the guy would probably have his kids back for weekends in about a month.