Sunday, June 03, 2007

Irrevelevant Bloggers' Choice Awards

It has just come to my attention that I received a "Bloggers Choice Award" for being Worse Blog of All Time. I went to the site to investigate and wasn't even able to comment on this total farce; however, after reviewing the names of some of the commenters I could see it was an orchestrated attempt to do a smear job on me. Of course, organized by the usual suspects.

I recognized some of the commenters from Stand Your Ground, Eternal Bachelor and Gonzo's Bar & Grill. Mens' rights nuts who have nothing better to do with their time then organize crap like this on the internet. Sad really. I'm old enough to remember when men were actually leaders for good in their community and did useful things with their spare time.

I guess those days are gone forever...

Just to let those morons know, this doesn't bother me at all as I consider any publicity to be good publicity and feel my cause is worthy enough to stand on its own if people visit my blog due to the attention generated from this dumb award.

So once again you people shot yourselves in the foot.



silverside said...

I'd take it as a compliment actually. That these little people actually took the time out of their humdrum lives to nominate you for an award. Thank you! You must really like me! (air kisses inserted here).

NYMOM's son said...

Congratulations on your nomination. I hope you win.

Val said...

Hot damn it, I wanted that award!
[stamps foot]
This reminds me of the big letdown I got when I tried that "How Much is Your Blog Worth?" & it answered: "$0.00"!

NYMOM said...

"Congratulations on your nomination."

Oh it's just a nomination not the actual award, which goes to show how much attention I pay to idiots who waste time organizing things like this.

Lori said...

Hello NYMOM.

My name is Lori, a soon single mother to be in Philadelphia, PA. I have to say I like your blog. The articles you cite are informative and quite applicable to the young, single women of today who have to deal with the backlash misogyny coming from men who cannot deal with women as complex individuals with rights, feelings, thoughts, etc. I am 34 and have decided to embark on motherhood on my own via artifical insemination. I am GLAD I am not married. It is true that most men in the world today do not contribute much to their relationships with women. I dated a man going through a divorce and I realized how shitty being married to man can be; this guy refused to go to a therapist to sort out his issues, but wanted me to hang out and be his convenient therapist-slampiece while he got things straight with his divorce. The bottom line is most men feel entitled to do as they wish and treat women as they wish; we are just supposed to take it because we are women who, in men's minds, are just pining for them. Please. Enough. I pay my own bills, bought my own house, work, put myself through grad school and beyond, etc,, etc. I am attractive and fit and I am not materialistic. Still, I meet guys that really believe that I am supposed to stay at the sidelines and cater to their egos. No more. I have decided to have a family on my own; I will be in control. I know many women like myself that are doing this, but men appeared to be threatened by this,....your noting of the 'backlash' is well-founded and true. I was not a feminist until I embarked on initiating motherhood on my own...then misogynists came out of the woodwork with their stupid little comments. Hey guys, if you want kids, go ahead and have one is stopping you, but don't stop me from pursuing my happiness just because I won't put up with some porn-watching, stripper-lusting, beer drinking, slob who can't handle life unless he has a woman under his thumb...oh yeah, that's right, guys can't have kids on their own...OH WELL...time to start treating women with respect and dignity! Then maybe they won't choose to start families on their own!

NYMOM said...

Unfortunately it might take a generation or two (if women can handle going it alone that long, maybe we can't) of us deciding to create our own lives and families BEFORE men straighten up.

Or who knows maybe they never will.

It appears that the aggression that made the male of our species so successful at building civilization and creating all the material things we enjoy today has also led to men developing insufferable and dominating personality traits, especially towards women. As long as we were in a lesser position in relation to man, it worked.

Where we go from here I have no clue, but I foresee a few generations of women are going to have to accept living life alone. Maybe then men will begin to appreciate what women have to offer them and act better.

Who knows really if change for men is even possible...I sure don't.