Sunday, April 15, 2007

More Updated Census Figures

I thought this was rather interesting.

Some updated information since the 2000 census, which shows the vast numbers of mothers who have lost custody of their children. Remember each of those percentage points represents hundreds of thousands of children.

Anyway, I suspected for a while now that many fathers rights organizations were putting out lies claiming 85% of mothers had custody of their children, while only 15% of fathers did and using this lie to claim discrimination in family courts against men, when in fact it’s mothers who face actually discrimination in courts. But I had no evidence except the many mothers who email me constantly telling me how they had their children stolen from them, many of these infants btw, many stolen by men to collect financial benefits for themselves; similar to this Kevin Federline character. Who, btw, actually got 17 million from Brittany Spears (not the one million commonly reported in the media). This useless recreational sperm donor, who abandoned two children with another woman before he targeted Spears as a more lucrative mark, has now been awarded custody of the two children so he’ll be ‘juicing’ Spears for many years to come.

I get sick every time I think of this greedy useless sperm donor with those babies.

The actual figures from 2004 (and I believe they are even higher now) are 20% of fathers having custody rising to 30% for higher income men (so this targets lower income women, the most vulnerable mothers and more likely to be stay-at-home moms with few resources available to them). Anyway the 15/85 percent commonly reported in the media is a lie and has been for some time now. Over the last decade, many greedy men have become aware of the financial benefits available by being named the custodial parent of a child and have been entering the family courtrooms across this nation in droves to start working the system.

So mothers, especially younger ones who are likely to be targeted for this sort of scam, must become educated regarding this situation: how their children can be used by those who wish to profit by obtaining custody of them.

Child Custody Statistics 2004

Single Parent Families with Own Children Under 18 Data source: U.S. Census, America’s Families and Living Arrangements 2004 Current Population Survey, March 2005. Table FG-6.Highlights and Notes:

To reflect final custody settlements as accurately as possible, data below include only "never married" and "divorced" families. "Widowed" and "separated" figures are not included.

Census does not maintain a separate category for joint physical custody. Instead, children are counted as living with the parent where they reside most. For example, if a child lives 60% with the mother and 40% with father, the child is counted as living with the mother.

For children who spend equal amounts of time with both parents, the survey counts them as living with the parent where they are found on the day of the survey. Thus half of the children in 50/50 arrangements are recorded as living with their mothers and half as living with their fathers.

For the total population, divorced single parent families headed by fathers exceeded 20%. Father-headed families increase with income, exceeding 30% at several income levels for white and Hispanic families, and at $100,000 and over for black families.

White and Hispanic families have similar levels of mother and father-headed famlies across all income categories, while father custody is rare for black families.

Divorced and never-married families have approximately the same breakdown between mother- and father-headed families.

Joint physical custody levels cannot be determined from the data, because children are counted with the parent they live with most.

For equal custody, in which children spend the same amount of time with father and mother, Census procedures result in children being assigned randomly to either father or mother, so half of 50/50 custody families are counted as headed by fathers and half as headed by mothers. The population of 50/50 custody families can be estimated by the following formula:J = 2(C - F), where J = 50/50 joint custody families; C = percent of families listed by Census as headed by fathers; F = percent of families where children live more than half time with father .The best estimator of Fis the percent of children in sole custody of fathers, because joint physical custody assignments that are not 50/50 usually give the majority of time to mothers.

Father sole custody families historically have been approximately 9% of single parent families, ranging up to 12% in some states. Based on the 9% estimate, the level of 50/50 custody for divorced families is approximately 2(21 - 9) = 24%. If the level of father sole custody families is 12%, then equal joint custody families are approximately 18% of the total. For never married and divorced families combined, the estimate for 50/50 joint physical custody ranges from approximately 11% to 17%.


silverside said...

Excellent post.

Some years ago, I looked at county patterns for custody in New York state using the 2000 census. Most of the predominance of mother custody was in the large urban areas involving low income, often minority populations where the mothers had custody by default (never married or even committed, father in prison, etc.) When you started looking at the rural counties where marriage/some level of commitment is more common, father custody went up remarkably. So it really appeared that when custody was litigated, there was not much if any mother bias to speak of. I know that in our county, the family court judge is basically owned by the fathers rights people. I know because I went to their conference (as a mole!) back in 2002, and heard all the bragging.

Stacey said...

I thought this blog my be interesting to you. Thanks again for all you do.

NYMOM said...

Also remember most of those urban minority moms are just getting an administrative type of defacto custody from birth. It's just done in order to facilitate them registering their kids for school or whatever...

But basically they are still vulnerable to a custody legal challenge through the courts, which can be instituted at ANYTIME by a recreational sperm donor, ANYTIME. We saw that with the whole Briget Marks fiasco. That even years after the fact, even when men know about the children, (as the Marks twins father was at the hospital when they were born) they can chose to wait for years and still file.

It's considered perfectly legitimate to do this.

I think it's pretty safe to say there is a FATHER bias in courts particularly considering how these gender neutralized feminists and fathers rights nuts have infested the court system at the county levels.

We need to have a clean sweep of our family courts to get rid of these unsavory elements. Especially these gender neutralized feminists as they have been working the court system for years to get themselves in cushy jobs and positions, playing the "advocate for women" card. These greedy beasts are advocates for themselves and no one else and it's about time women started realizing it.

NYMOM said...

Hi Stacey.

Are you the person who gave me the figures on the W. Viriginia study showing more fathers getting custody then mothers? I lost the email and the link to the study and needed it to post on another site. So if you have that link, let me know.

Thanks for your support. I'll check your blog out. I think I was there before however...but thanks.

NYMOM said...

I also wanted to say silverside that I think most of the non-custodial mothers who have lost infants are minority mothers. I'm not sure why I think this, but I just have a feeling that welfare reform has put these women in a more vulnerable position sooner...

I think I read somewhere that most children in fathers' custody are older (not sure what age) but I'm thinking most of the mothers who lost infants could be minority women.

So in spite of the history here, there is simply no end to the greed in this society leading people to try to make money off these kids...