Sunday, April 01, 2007

Women giving Birth could Morph into Paid Vacation for Men

The article below is total propaganda and more of the ongoing attempts by gender-neutralized feminists and fathers rights advocates to usurp the natual rights of mothers. This should serve as the warning shot across the bow alerting mothers to the next attack being mounted against us.

Following the trail laid by US gender neutralized feminists such as Linda Hirshman and Cathy Young, this Equal Opportunity Commission propaganda report is attempting to force mothers to abandon staying at home with their children since too many of us might made that choice. As Simone de Bouvair, gender neutralized feminist extraordinaire observed, women shouldn’t be given the choice to be stay-at-home mothers as too many of us would select it.

I can see going down the road these attempts by men to steal maternity leave from mothers in order to give themselves a nice paid vacation spreading throughout all of the western countries. Not to mention what this will mean for never-married mothers, as I can also see some lazy recreational sperm donor being empowered to go to court in order to fight for custody even before birth. That way he can start his paid vacation as soon as your baby is born.

There is simply no end to the many ways men can find to manipulate our children in order to create benefit for themselves. Make no mistake about it, this will eventually morph into every mother having to mount a court fight with a judge having to decide who gets to take any leave in order to be home with your baby and it's not a given it will be a decision in favor of mother.,,2027348,00.html

Baby does best with dad off work, study finds
Lucy Ward, social affairs correspondent
Tuesday March 6, 2007

Children are more likely to suffer development problems if their fathers do not take paternity leave or spend enough time with them when they are very young, according to an analysis of thousands of babies born around the turn of the millennium.

A report published today by the Equal Opportunities Commission and based on research tracking 19,000 children born in 2000 and 2001 found emotional and behavioral problems were more common by the time youngsters reached the age of three if their fathers had not taken time off work when they were born, or had not used flexible working to have a more positive role in their upbringing.

Previous research has highlighted the importance of a mother's involvement when a child is small, but the EOC says this is the first study to confirm that the close involvement of a father also has a significant impact on a child's future.

The analysis finds no evidence that mothers' employment influences the extent of development problems in three-year-old children - in contrast to research published in 2005 by the childcare expert Penelope Leach which suggested young children looked after by their mothers did better than those cared for in nurseries or by relatives.

The government last night pointed to moves including the introduction of paid paternity leave and more than doubling of maternity pay as evidence of commitment to helping families balance work and caring responsibilities.


Anonymous said...

Why do you think that it's an attack? It's shouldn't be considered that way at all. Dad's at home have a huge impact on babies/children. Fathers not being around is definitely far worse than him being around. If anyone with any judgement would choose the right way, not the wrong way. It's not about the children is it? Or is it about the mother?

Val said...

Great headline! & of course another good post...
I couldn't help but cringe as my friend described to me last night how her younger sister's husband (2 young children) told her he wanted a divorce BY EMAIL!!!

NYMOM said...

It really doesn't even pay to get married today. Here you invest yourself in a relationship even having two children and then the whole thing is over by email...

I have to say what's the point?

I hope your friend's sister didn't let him file first as he could have already gotten himself temporary custody of the kids and then unless he's abusive or negligent that will be practically impossible to overturn.

NYMOM said...

"Dad's at home have a huge impact on babies.


So who is supposed to support the family while dad's at home? Mother???? She's supposed to be dashing back to work while still bleeding so some useless sack of crap can hang around the house for a year or so??? Or should it be the taxpayers paying for this extended vacation for men???