Sunday, February 04, 2007

No More Mr. Nice Mom

Well it didn’t take long for this to travel from Europe to the US. We will gradually see over the next decade or so, laws criminalizing use of anonymous sperm donors throughout the U.S. This strategy, along with the recent changes to adoption laws, will make it more and more difficult for the so-called ‘Choice Moms’ to continue sticking their heads in the sand.

BTW, I love the pure selfishness of these “Choice Moms”. The Mary Chaneys of the world self-righteously informing all the women who struck their necks out and took the recriminations and the direct hits, so that women like her could have a choice to be a mother if they wished. Only to be told now “This is a gift from God, my baby.”

Right. God’s the reason you were allowed to become a single mother and raise the child you’ll bear. God. Right.

I hate to tell you this lady. But that right you have is a gift from other single mothers who blazed the trail before you, who argued and lobbied and fought for changes in laws and public policies, so that you could have that choice. Yet due to your short-sightedness and selfishness young women probably won’t have the same option in their future.

Maybe it’s for the best. As these “Choice Moms” were a small elite group of mothers anyway. They avoided the legal horrors inflicted on other mothers and children by ensuring men had no rights to a mother’s children before the child was even born. Well guess what ‘Choice Moms” those days are coming to an end.

Going forward this probably means women will have to recognize they is no easy way around these vicious assaults on motherhood which selfish men have embarked upon. Their propaganda has to be directly confronted, as will their allies who have infested our family court system.

Bill would end anonymity of future sperm donors
By Dena Potter

RICHMOND -- A Republican lawmaker is sponsoring General Assembly legislation that would make Virginia the first state to prohibit anonymous sperm donations.

Delegate Robert G. Marshall, a Christian conservative from Prince William County, is sponsoring the House bill.

Mr. Marshall also is the General Assembly's foremost author of legislation to curb abortion and regulate birth-control methods. He said he filed the bill to protect donor-conceived children and that he feels for those who don't know the identity of their father.

Mr. Marshall said he recently saw a child wearing a T-shirt with the words: "My dad's name is Donor," then thought, "That's pathetic."

Australia and a few European countries have banned anonymous sperm donations. In each country, donations have dwindled and the cost of fertility services has increased.

Opponents warn about the same result in Virginia.


silverside said...

So now what do you do? Do a "quickie" on some cruise down in the Bahamas, and pray you don't pick up AIDS or some other nasty disease? Or he doesn't beat you up afterwards?

Big government at its worst.

My poor daughter, who has been in the custody of her abusive, non-working father for the past ten years, says she never wants kids. I wonder how many daughers stripped from their mothers by the current system, having seen their mother's pain close up and feeling the same vulnerability, will make the same decision. Or alternately, have developed a "learned helplessness" response, and will not be able to muster much defense if their future boyfriend/husband tries to take custody from them. I've heard anecdotal information for both. In fact, it is darn right freaky how many girls raised by their fathers seem to lose custody when they have kids. It's as if they almost expect it. I'm sure it totally screws up normal mother-child bonding, not really expecting that you have any rights to your own babies.

NYMOM said...

Women need to address the issue head on and not continue acting like mothers and fathers should have equal rights from birth. Otherwise we will continue seeing mothers pulling all these 'tricks' including abductions, false abuse claims, adoptions of chinese orphans, anonymous sperm donors, etc., all in order to assure mothers the legal rights to our children that should be ours automatically.

There is your answer

NYDAD said...

If we truly wish to restore marriage, we must change not males but laws. Yet we are refusing to face this politically unpleasant truth and filling the public payroll with therapists and police.

In encouraging marriage, the administration is promoting a fraud. It is luring young people into a contract which the government can tear up at any time. Men in particular who accept the government's invitation to marry can lose their children, their homes, their savings and future earnings, their freedom, and even their lives. Not only will the government extend them no protection for their commitment, it will criminalize them without even the due-process safeguards afforded to criminals.

What we are glimpsing here is part of a larger process by which the state has used family destruction to expand its reach. When fathers are eliminated, state officials assume their role as protector and provider. By removing fathers, the government creates a host of problems for itself to solve. If fatherlessness is behind most of today's social ills, the realization that the engine generating fatherless children is not the fathers, but the state, takes on implications few have dared to confront.

Much of the expansion in the size and scope of government over many decades has been justified by the problems now recognized as proceeding from fatherless homes. Both the welfare state of the Left and the expansion of incarceration pushed by the Right are furthered by the government's displacement of fathers. With hardly a word of opposition from left or right, the welfare-divorce machinery has become a self-perpetuating mechanism by which government engineers the expansion of its own power. The increase in this machinery is the silent revolution of the last century.

NYMOM said...

Well I'm sorry to inform you of this but I reject the premise that most of our social problems are due to fatherlessness or whatever you want to call it. That's a convenient excuse for men to put themselves in charge of everything again.

Men, selfishly and under their own aegis, voluntarily removed themselves from their place as head of household and now wish to have it back again. I say tough luck, brothers. Women finally figured out what pains in the neck you actually are and just went ahead and began creating families on their own. Although I'm sure men thought women would collapsed when you all went and decided to become playboys like Hugh Hefner, instead of getting married.

Anyway, those days are long gone. So get over it, already.

The problem is not marriage per se, as you would like to phrase it, but men trying to steal for themselves the natural rights of women to their own children.

You should have no more rights to the children of women then the man in the moon does. You have created these so-called fathers rights for yourselves and gotten the state to enforce them for you, but your claims are entirely illegitimate. The only so-called claim you have is when the state sends you a notice in the mail informing you that your DNA matches some mothers child's DNA. Yet this should not be enough to entitle you to any rights unless a mother wishes you to have them. The bond between a mother and child is far older and more 'lawful' then this phoney piece of paper men have awarded themselves...

You have misidentified the problem as most men will since the misidentification allows men to continue being the center of the universe in all things. The primary focus of men as usual...

Anonymous said...

Thank god for you. I have been through so much, and finally wrestled my children out of the grasp of male judges, law guardians, and an uninvolved father who believed he should now own the children.

I can't believe what is going on out there. Men just don't acknowledge that a child grows inside its mother, and she has natural rights.

No one gets it, but you. I am shocked and emotionally destroyed by what the men do, and how they could have taken my children from me in a second. I had to fight for my own children.

Oh my god, I wonder if I'll ever get over it, or ever look at the world the same way again.


NYMOM said...

Thank you for your kind words Kerry but let's not fool ourselves. It's not just men who don't get it (and btw, I think they get it very well, they just like to play stupid and act like they don't get it) but a lot of the support for these gender neutral custody policies come from women. The gender neutralized feminists who play both ends of the field for their own benefit...

First they empower men with their support of gender neutral custody...then they turn it around and get funding for organizations and cushy jobs for themselves to address all the problems created for mothers and their children by their support of gender neutral custody. Well, of course, the mothers are victims (as are their children) when these things happen; but these gender neutralized feminists will never acknowledge their own complicity in this situation.

Thus mothers are equally victimized by greedy men and their gender neutral feminist allies who profit from these public policies..

That's why I started my own blog and won't post on any more feminist sites. Because I don't want them to benefit by being able to play the 'victim' when I highlight a problem gender neutral feminists have help create...

Why reward them for it?

Actually I was at an event a few weeks ago at the university I graduate from listening to David Horowitz...he's a reformed leftist. He mentioned how no one in university today ever mentions to the young students they are teaching that all of this "gender as a social construct" is nothing but theory. There is no solid proof for it at all. Although it's very fashionable today to teach it as fact, it's not a proven fact by any means.

I have to secretly laugh at the group of people fighting this about being hoisted on your own petard. Many of the old-guard left that created the frankenstein monster of political correctness that feeds into these gender neutral public policies in our schools and throughout our legal system are becoming it's victims now.

AND guess what I have little sympathy for them...