Saturday, February 24, 2007

Bahama Paternity Fraud Scheme Enabled by Florida Court Ruling

This ruling by a Florida Judge giving custody of Anna Nicole Smith’s body to her lawyer/boyfriend/parasitical life form, Howard K. Stern, was a joke really, a travesty of our legal system and a spit in the face of every biological mother in this country. This Stern character has been sponging off Anne Nicole Smith for years. I even believe he’s the one who ‘stole’ those items from the house he’s squatting in and sold them himself to make money from her death. I don’t believe for a minute that there was any break in when he was in Florida. That was just another lie he made up to throw suspicion off himself when those items hit the market.

This Stern character is a parasite, plotting to keep custody of that poor kid to try to siphon a share of the Marshall fortune from that baby’s inheritance. Even though this parasite has been sponging off a drug addicted Anna Nicole Smith for years now, he was given the moral equivalence pass by those in the media, who keep talking about Anna Nicole Smith's mother accepting a plane ticket from a magazine to fly to the Bahamas. As if that was equivalent to Stern’s ten years of leeching off her daughter.

Newsflash idiots, where do you think a retired grandmother is going to get the money from to be jet setting all over the world to try to look after the interests of her granddaughter. From her pension fund??? As it is, it’s a miracle she’s been able to finance that whole Florida court fiasco up to now. She’s probably spending her retirement fund to do it.

The entire legal proceedings were a farce actually, pretending to be about the best interest of the child. Interestingly enough, when they were starving that poor woman,Terry Schiavo, to death in Florida a few years back, they had to rigorously follow every law as written, no deviations or wiggle room for interpretation. Even the President of the United States couldn’t save Terry Schiavo, as it was the law and it had to be followed to the letter, no deviations. Although her husband had been living in a common law marriage with another woman for almost ten years, even had two children with this new wife and clearly did not have Terry Schiavo’s interests at heart anymore, yet he had to remain as her guardian since that was the law.

That’s what was said then.

NOW, of course, forget the law as written, let’s just interpret it any which way to get the desired outcome. Even though the law clearly said a spouse, a child OVER 18 or a parent is the next of kin. So clearly Anna Nicole Smith’s mother was next of kin according to Florida law. But forget the law when we have any dispute involving mens rights to get their paws on some poor kid’s inheritance.

After all, Anna Nicole Smith’s presumed wishes to be buried in the Bahamas next to her son overrode the law according to this Judge. Anna Nicole Smith probably never even heard of the Bahamas, until she decided to move there to beat the legal system in the United States. The entire relocation was nothing but an attempt to defraud Larry Birkhead out of his legal rights. Her son was there for ONE night before dying. She lived there for five months, most of it apparently in a drug induced haze if her video and the testimony of most of the witnesses were to be believed. So why in the heck would she be given any creditability whatsoever regarding anything she presumably 'said' to a co-conspirator in this fraud no less? Clearly her son should be moved and re-buried along with her in the US, where he lived his entire life. That would have been the proper decision, both morally and legally.

Anyway this Judge should be disbarred and the GAL never hired again to represent the best interests of any children. As giving a kid to someone, who was, if not the instigator at least an active participant in defrauding a child of her US citizenship, as well as the company of her blood relatives, should be grounds for termination of your professional license.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that at least the Bahamas legal system will see through this travesty of justice and have the sense to jail this guy Stern for immigration fraud, along with the dozens of other frauds he’s probably been involved with. Custody should be given to Anna Nicole Smith's mother until such time as that child is back in the US where she belongs and paternity can be properly established.


Anonymous said...

You're a judgemental idiot who know's nothing about Mr. Stern. All you know is what you see on TV that's not reality.

NYMOM said...

I know all I need to know.

Anna Nicole Smith has been dead almost two weeks already and Stern had not voluntarily submitted her baby to a paternity test YET. Nor have any of her US relatives been allowed to see her YET. Neither her actual father or his parents or her maternal grandmother.

These things don't take lawyers to resolve or so long to settle unless you have some reason to fear the truth. A simple appointment at the a reputable lab could have settle all issues w/o Stern's delaying tactics. Even the Florida court hearing would not have been needed.

He should be charged with fraud...

LorMarie said...

I don't know if Anna Nicole's mother should get custody. I do agree that Stern shouldn't be trusted. Anyway, very interesting blog.

NYMOM said...

Well then who else is there until this is worked out? Should she be put in foster care when she has a huge family right here in the US?

I'll admit that Anna Nicole Smith's mother has one big strike against her, which is she was responsible for raising Anna Nicole Smith and clearly we don't need another one of her in the world...

Anonymous said...

If the judge and GAL should be disbarred in this case, they should should be disbarred from all cases where they take children away from fit parents. This theivery of children, without benefit to the children, happens everyday in Family Law (MOMMY) Courts. Our society and children already are living testaments to the folly of this practice.

LorMarie said...

Could it be that these are "MOMMY" courts for a reason? I don't know of too many fathers who desire the extent of custody that mothers assume. Of course there are wonderful exceptions...but those men are the exception rather than the rule. This is not because men are unable to be primary caregivers. But, rather, it appears that most men don't want to be. Personally, I'd like to see Larry Birkhead get custody (if proven the father).

NYMOM said...

I think that used to be the case that few fathers wanted custody of their children. Actually few custody cases ever saw the inside of a courtroom; as few children were worth any money, no matter who had custody. It appeared that when children were worth little money the only ones interested in them were their mothers.

Today is a whole other story. The financial incentives involved with being named custodian of children mean everybody and his grandmother are going to be out there fighting for custody.

With child support, social securtity or welfare benefits, life insurance with minor children as the beneficiaries, tax benefits/credits and a host of other monetary incentives to the custodial parent that assuption is no longer the case.

Mothers, going forward, must assume that every action involving her children will involve litigation by somebody for custody.

Anonymous said...

Custody to mothers, custody to grandmothers? When custody is contested, a thing of the past. Fit, loving, non-offending mothers have good reason to boycott the bench. I hope you will visit my blog, Thank you for this post. ~Veronique,

NYMOM said...

This happens to mothers everyday in all 50 states across the country...Unfortunately its virtually impossible to get women to take any action collectively on it UNTIL they lose their own kids. Then its' too late.

Sorry for your loss.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful website, Veronique. As a non-custodial mother who also lost my daughter to an abuser, I admire your courage.

Anonymous said...

Who gives a hoot NYMOM! SHe's a dead media whore and a whore at that! Why does the world STOP when someone like this dies? We have well over 3 thousand men that have died in Iraq and never a one of them over there got the airtime this bitch got. Wake Up! The whole paternal thing never would have happened if she had the decency to act like human being. Brittany spears is heading down the same road. Talk till your blue in the face but neither of those women ever deserved to be mothers.

NYMOM said...

I never said Anna Nicole Smith should be up for the mother of the year award. The problem however is legal precedence are set, then other ordinary mothers and children are impacted.

That's the danger.

The case set another dangerous precedent where a totally unrelated person was legally empowered by the courts to handle her funeral arrangements and thus by implication could wind up becoming the defacto custodian of a child and the child's estate.

Women have our rights to our children through natural law and the more powerful biological link to our offspring. Thus, any precedence set that disregards that link for a legal one, without good cause, is a setback for women.

Anna Nicole Smith's own mother's authority being disregarded to empower a total legal stranger is not a good thing for us, mothers. That's my concern.

Many women only take notice when they themselves are impacted; however you have to realize that the things happening to mothers today are the culmination of years of legal precedence, public policy, laws, etc., being sneaked under the radar. All with the goal of eviscerating mothers' rights...

To be frank, I don't give a damn about Anna Nicole Smith. The woman was an idiot. YET the precedence her stupidity are setting today will impact other mothers and their children for long afterwards.

That's the issue.

NYMOM said...

Look I'd love to be able to use as examples here nothing but mothers of the year, who have sterling characters and never did anything wrong. However those are not generally the women that legal precedence is set by...but once it is set, ALL mothers are impacted.

Courts don't look and say gee, what a wonderful mother Mrs. McGillcuddy is, so we'll just disregard the laws here.

That's what you appear to be missing.

Anonymous said...

Just who are these Howard K. Stern supporters? His behavior is that of a classical abuser! He loved her... blah, blah, blah. If he really loved her she wouldn't be dead. My husband would have dragged my ass to the hospital no matter what I said because he would have known that the drugs had addled my mind!! Is HKS really going to get away with this travesty? This is a Shakespearian tragedy!

That baby has to be taken away from him immediately. The damage is irreparable (equal protection clause.)

In what other death do the police take the word of a suspect? Unbelievable!!!!