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The Role of Collaborators in Undermining Emanicipation

An interesting email was sent to me last Friday regarding a new book and a blog discussing single women who decide to create their own families...

This is becoming quite common today as more and more women are just becoming fed up with hanging around waiting for the men in our lives to commit. Women only have so long to wait before our fertility starts declining and everything related to birth and recovery becomes doubly harder on us the older our bodies get.

So if women wish to be mothers before 40 (realistically even 40 is a stretch for most women especially if we want more then one child and studies say most women want two: 1 boy and 1 girl, thus we should be shooting for 30, 35 at the latest) anyway women might need to start checking out some other options besides waiting for Mr. Right to grow up, turn off Monday night football and finally propose. Especially when women can see 30 on the horizon and no man who is husband material in sight.

This is why it's even more important for women in the US to flex our political muscle and ensure that recreational sperm donors have NO RIGHTS to any children we chose to bear. Men should get legal rights to children through marriage or adoption and no other way, none of this half-stepping business. You're either in for the duration right from the beginning or you're out permanently. Just because a man has a fling or one-night stand with a women should give him no rights to any children he accidentally spawned that the child's mother decides to carry and give birth to.

Men have come up with this nonsense as a way to undermine women's autonony.

It's the equivalent of the south eviscerating the emancipation of African-Americans by undermining their voting rights. They managed to prolong the suffering of those people by adding another 100 years to their enslavement (from 1865 to 1965) through this method. Let's not allow them to do the same thing to women. Undermining all the rights women won back in the 60s/70s by using custody of our children as a club to be used against us. Since most women become mothers this is a threat against ALL women.

Additionally, the gender neutralized feminists who assisted men in this endeavor have to be treated like the totally worthless trash they are. They are deserving of no support from other women as they forfeited it by conspiring with these dirt bags against us in an attempt to rollback the clock on the rights of women. Just as the Republican Party (which was the Party of Lincoln and orginally emancipated the slaves) lost their privilege to be considered as a legitimate representative of African-Americans through their collaboration with the Southern states, so too have feminists lost their right to speak for women now. They have aided and abetted men to separate millions of mothers and children from one another, literally millions. All in an attempt to both avoid child support and/or undermine all the rights and freedoms women won back in the 60s and 70s.

Anyway visit the website, the link is below. Buy the book, read the book and think about it...


Subject: Single By Chance, Mothers By Choice| Hertz Q & A
From: "Ford, Rebecca"
Date: Fri, Sep 29, 2006 2:26 pm


I just wanted to make sure Rosanna Hertz's Single By Chance, Mothers
By Choice: How Women Are Choosing Parenthood Without Marriage and
Creating the New American Family was on your radar. Hertz is a
Professor of Sociology and Women's Studies at Wellesley College and
has generously taken the time to do a Q & A with the OUP BLOG.

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