Monday, October 02, 2006

More Excuses from the Media for Another Hate Crime Against Women

Students Killed by Gunman at Amish Schoolhouse
Published: October 2, 2006

A lone gunman walked into a one-room schoolhouse in a largely Amish community in southeastern Pennsylvania today and shot as many as 10 girls, killing three immediately before turning the gun on himself and dying at the scene, according to the state police.

The school is just outside Nickel Mines, a tiny village about 55 miles west of Philadelphia.

The man, identified as Charles Carl Roberts IV, 32, who lived in the area, was evidently nursing a long-ago grievance expressed in notes left for his wife and children, said Jeffrey Miller, commissioner of the state police. He said the gunman lined the girls against the blackboard, bound their feet and shot them execution-style in the head.

“He split them up, males and females," Commissioner Miller said. "He let the males go, some of the adults go. He bound the females at the blackboard, and apparently executed them."

Three of the girls were dead at the scene in Nickel Mines, Pa., and seven others were rushed to nearby hospitals, some of them severely wounded. An earlier Associated Press report quoted a local coroner as saying there were six people dead, but the coroner later said he was unsure, The A.P. said.

Commissioner Miller told CNN this evening that of the several victims who had been taken to hospitals, two of the girls were in “dire” condition and might not live.

“There was some issue in the past” that had left the gunman with a desire to harm female students, Commissioner Miller said. He said that the murders were premeditated and that the gunman had called his wife — without telling her he was holding hostages in a school — that he would not be coming home.

Commissioner Miller said Mr. Roberts called his wife from a cell phone, saying he was "acting out in revenge for something that happened 20 years ago.”

Here we go again. The bodies of these young girls aren’t even cold yet and here comes the usual ‘blame his mother’ game or blame some other woman in this murdering monster’s life. Gee plenty of women get abused as children by their parents and guess what: we don’t go running into classrooms shooting all the male students down, now do we. When was the last time we heard of a woman doing that. How about NEVER?

This is becoming a sad fact of life today, btw, as although the media tries to cover up for men, many of these spree killers (all men by the way) target women just like serial killers do. But rather then the media honestly facing up to that by giving us factual information in the news, it becomes another exercise in gender-neutral news coverage. Of course now we’ll see the media frantically trying to dig up some story about a woman who killed someone…

I guess it’s time to wheel out the Andrea Yates coverage again or Susan Smith, so we can continue fooling ourselves about what’s really going on here.

Of course, just because we have about 2 million men in prison here versus slightly over 100,000 women AND the numbers are even WORSE in other countries shouldn't tell us anything. Or the fact that men outnumber women in arrests and imprisonment by 20 to 1 in other societies, that information really shouldn't count for much either. AND btw, that just counts outright crime, not the many anti-social acts that men commit that they get away with like raping female domestic servants in Saudi Arabia and the like...

After all, we are all the differences between the sexes...


silverside said...

The Christian Science Monitor is one of the few papers I have seen that have linked this crime to the one in Colorado. They actually noted that females were exclusively targeted in both, and that females represent a disproportionately large number of victims in school shootings in general.

And you're right. If a woman had broken into a school and started shooting boys, it would be the major media story for years to come. Her name would be more famous than the president's. In this country, this loser's name won't even be remembered next week. Just another creep who killed women. What else is new?

NYMOM said...

I'm just wondering what other things he did that we don't know he stated in his suicide note to his wife that over 20 years ago he sexually assaulted some little girls when he was 12 and that he was starting to have nightmares about doing it again?????

Yet instead of doing the decent thing and throwing himself off the nearest bridge, he picks this way to go out...

Anyway, I'd like to know if this guy did other things that maybe he his wife knew about and helped him cover up over the years? As I find it hard to believe he was a perfectly normal husband and father all this time and then suddenly went off the deep end like this.

I think it more likely that he was repeating the same patterns and she was covering up for him. Helping him appear 'normal' when, in fact, he wasn't. Especially working as a milkman, which is a solitary job you are doing early in the morning when kids are out and about going to school by themselves. I'm wondering how many houses he cased for new victims while he was delivering milk.

Maybe he'll turn out to be a serial killer as well after they investigate this. Maybe even sexually abused his own kids????