Sunday, March 19, 2006

Online Child Support Petition

The online Child Support Petition has been printed out with 90 signatures.

I am doing a cover letter for it this week and mailing it out to New York State Senators Clinton and Schumer.

I want to let the 90 people who signed this petition know that I think it's an important first step in ending the problem of our children being used to generate income for either a greedy parent or state coffers.

Thus, I will keep everyone posted on what happens with this petition.

So far I have kept the expenses for all of this under $150. When it goes over, I'll let people know and perhaps I'll start fund raising.



Anonymous said...

hi grandma it's spongzbob. i was watching disney last night and every show that i watched the mother was dead. and then the book that you bought me beacon street girls , well the mother was dead too. i think disney is trying to erase mothers from every show.

NYMOM said...

I'll have to be more careful when I shop. Although this propaganda against mothers has spread so deeply everywhere that it will be almost impossible to avoid it.

Just to let anyone know who is interested, I feel the Disney corporation is one of the most extreme distributors of anti-mother propaganda in our media right now. Actually it really has been for some time.

I remember even when I was a kid watching Bambi or even that Disney's Shirley Temple theatre and being terrified at many of the shows, as they frequently featured a dead mother and a semi-orphaned child or young adolescent being in some horrible situation where, of course, they could ONLY be rescued by a man (sometimes a father, sometimes not: Prince Charming, Heidi's grandfather, the tramp dog in Lady and the Tramp, etc.).

Thus, is it any wonder that a whole generation of women grew up terrified that they would lead a horrible life if they didn't manage to hook a man in a marriage. Well, if you were raised watching Disney shows you would be...

Frankly, I think the only persons who probably killed off more mothers than Disney would be Hans Christian Anderson and the Brothers Grimm in their fairy tales.

Anonymous said...

I think the biggest problem with the entire system is to see how much all the lawyers on this continent can put in their pocket. Child support in our society is not about what is in the best interest of the child, it is to get the parents to attack each other financially to see how much money we can put in the lawyers pocket. Thats it in a nutshell... believe what you want but thats it black and white.

NYMOM said...

Yes, the legal leechers who have built up an entire industry off of child custody/support cases are a big part of the problem as well.

Thanks for your comments.