Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Bridget Marks has been very busy lately.

She has started her own foundation.

See below:

Mothers for Judicial Accountability

Mothers for Judicial Accountability (MJA) was founded after Bridget Marks, a loving, fit, and committed mother, experienced first hand the injustice of the family court system when her children were wrongfully taken from her. One of the very few mothers who was able to regain custody of her children, Bridget now would like to provide assistance to other mothers who are experiencing similar problems in the family court system.


Additionally Bridget Marks will be a featured speaker next week at the third National Battered Mothers Custody Conference. She is being billed as a “Protective Mother who regained custody of her children in an unprecedented 4-0 decision by the New York State Court of Appeals and founder of Mothers for Judicial Accountability.”

See below:

Battered Women, Abused Children and Child Custody:

A National Crisis

Third National Conference

January 6 - 8, 2006

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2006 Conference Presenters


All I have to say about the whole thing is “Stop it Ms. Marks, stop it right now”.

You are allowing yourself to be used by a bunch of gender neutralized feminists, who, quite frankly, many of them are in the vanguard of encouraging Judges to award custody to fathers. It is seen as progressive by them and their ilk. Thus, they are largely responsible for so many mothers like you losing custody to begin with.
You are allowing yourself to become involved with them in these sorts of malicious attacks against the very judiciary who gave you back your children on a ‘technicality’ really. Nothing more. They never exonerated you from making false accusations

Quite frankly, I believe they gave you the children back because you lucked out and probably got the last of the old ‘Patriarchs’ of the New York Court of Appeals listening to your case. They are a dying breed being rapidly replaced by gender neutralized feminists, who btw, would have thought NOTHING of cutting off your contact with your children forever.


I believe, like many New Yorkers believe, that you exaggerated this whole sex abuse story out of desperation to keep custody of your children. Nevertheless those Patriarchs pitied you and your daughters, as you were clearly out-spent and out-manuevered by the boyfriend you foolishly decided to play a game of ‘chicken’ with.

That pity, along with the public outcry generated by other New Yorkers, including myself, helped return your children to you for that reason ONLY.

Actually I guarantee you that if your case had been heard by the very gender neutralized feminists you are currently consorting with, you would not have your children with you today. As they would have upheld Judge Goldberg’s original ruling.

Ms. Marks, you traumatized many mothers and children in this city by your very dramatic handover to the childrens' father and the media feeding frenzy that continued for weeks afterwards. Nevertheless, we supported you feeling that in spite of your many flaws, you were the best person to raise your children anyway. Thus I think you owe us at least the respect of a low key ending to the public airing of your family’s dirty laundry and a slow fade out of the news to quietly raise the daughters we helped you get returned to your custody.

If you continue on your current path, by attacking the very patriarchs who gave you a second change, with this whole Judicial Accountability Foundation business, I see John Alysworth’s ongoing appeal having a very different outcome.

My advice (and it's for free and probably the best advice you will ever get) is don’t push your luck. Bow out of that Albany Conference, get rid of that foundation and return to focusing on the raising of the children that the sympathy of New Yorkers gave you a second chance to properly do.


Anonymous said...

Actually, the Albany conference isn't the gender-neutral crowd at all. It isn't NOW or any of that bunch. It's a lot of women who have lost custody, typically to abusers, and various other professionals who are concerned about the issue. I had been hoping to go myself, but due to taking off too much time from work for sick time, it's just much. Silverside

NYMOM said...

Well the ordinary participants aren't part of that crowd, but most of the speakers are.

I'll agree that the participants are desperate mothers reaching out to anybody they believe will help them get their kids back, but the SPEAKERS are ALL strong supporters of gender neutral custody. Of course, they try to mitigate their support of it by then turning around and claiming any man who takes advantage of what they helped make available is abusive. It's equivalent to offering candy to a kid and then slapping him everytime he takes it...

After all, what man isn't going to use the court to help him get a better deal by playing the 'custody fight' card, he'd be a damn fool not to...

They have helped give all men now a club to use against all women and then want to turn around and act like they are advocates for women or something.

Please, silverside, they are full of it...