Thursday, March 31, 2005

Human Rights Crimes Committed against Women

OGDEN, Utah - Weber State University's Honors Issues Forum will feature author and professor Valerie Hudson presenting "A Surplus of Sons." Hudson will explore the increasing abundance of males in some Asian countries and the possible consequences it may have on those nations and international stability.

The presentation will be held at 11 a.m. March 11 in Stewart Library Special Collections and is free to the public.

Hudson, who teaches political science at Brigham Young University, is the author of "Bare Branches, The Security Implications of Asia's Surplus Male Population." Historical and sociological evidence gathered for the book predicts that excess males in China, India and Pakistan portend instability and more authoritarian states.

According to a BYU press release, the root of the problem is a growing disparity between the number of boys and girls born in Asian societies, which place a special value on sons. It's estimated that by 2020, China will have 29 to 33 million surplus males between the ages of 15 and 34 and India will have 28 to 32 million. Historical research shows societies laden with surplus males were volatile and struggled with increases in crime, unrest and violence.

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From the information above it appears that China and India have committed a crime of major proportions AGAINST women through the irresponsible use of sonargrams. This technology, which was sold to these societies in order to ascertain the health of the fetus inutero, was then abused to identify and abort female fetuses; thus, changing the numeric balance between males and females in Asia, possibly in the world considering the numbers we are talking about here, which are roughly between 57 and 65 million potential women deliberately destroyed for no other reason except that they were woman…

This is the same scenario, btw, replicated throughout Asia, but the numbers in China and India have overshadowed all these other situations, just by the sheer enormity of the scale involved here.

Asia appears to have embarked on an experiment in human social engineering that we haven’t seen the likes of since the Soviet Union of the 20th century. All of these ‘experiments’ put in place by the Soviet Union were an attempt to wipe out the age-old concepts of religious, ethnic and family loyalties and replace them with the state sponsored religion we know as communism. All were ultimately unsuccessful in their attempts; but left many of the countries these experiments were forced upon with their societies in ruin. The repercussions of which both East bloc and Western European countries are still dealing with to this day, completely uncertain as to when and even IF the effects are reversible. Or how long and expensive the process will be to reverse.

Like the Soviet Union, the situation in Asia, which changed the entire balance between men and women in both Chinese and Indian societies, appears to be an extreme example of ‘hubris’, again, on a grand scale. Nevertheless, we must accept our responsibility in enabling this to happen, as it would NOT have been possible but for Western Civilization selling them this technology to begin with. Thus, it remains our responsibility to correct this wrong we allowed to be perpetrated, if still possible, while at the same time punishing the offenders.

Any correction must include a ban on any and all MEDICAL technology being traded to either country. This should include pharmaceuticals as well as medical equipment unless and until all items have been ascertained for what use China or India has planned for them and how such use would impact women’s health and future reproduction strategy.

Additionally, all MILITARY technology should be denied to them for the foreseeable future, which would probably mean for the next generation or two. Their irresponsible behavior, on both a large and small scale, has caused them to reproduce a possible future threat to their neighbors and even each other as they have conducted wars amongst themselves in the past. Clearly they are not responsible enough to be trusted with modern weaponry. I would suggest even allowing a veto by their neighbors as to when sales could be allowed to resume, if ever.

The punishment aspect should include fines levied against both countries, as well as criminal charges for government officials, individual doctors, and lab technicians who helped perpetuate the original crimes.

I’m sure that others can think of other sorts of sanctions against the two main perpetrators once this process begins in earnest. But begin it must, as we cannot allow one half of humanity to commit a crime of such proportion against the other half and not be called to account by the rest of us. Over and above the actual disruptive threat they pose to their regions and maybe the world as the above presentation announcement highlights, we cannot allow them to just walk away with no sanctions for this crime against women.

For one thing, it will embolden other countries throughout Asia and elsewhere in the world to either begin or continue the same sorts of behavior that led to this imbalance in the first place. This could eventually cause an extreme threat to women in Western Civilization as many of the surplus men from these societies immigrate to our own regions and then refuse to accept our laws and social mores treating women equally. Many of them by their behavior undermine the very foundations of women’s safety in the west both from their countries of origin and now when they reside here amongst us as well.
Additionally they could eventually form coalitions or voting blocks with other malcontents in our own societies that seek to turn back all of the rights women have won over the last 50 years or so. We saw that with the increase in the Hispanic vote that helped put George Bush back in the White House. Most of the states that helped elect Bush were energized to bring out the conservative vote by putting other issues on the ballot to draw conservatives out, issues such as referendums on gays marriage or abortion issues. Thus Hispanics conservatives throughout the US helped Bush get in a position to continue his attacks against women’ s rights in a number of areas, not least of which is reproductive rights.

So the potential exists for these immigrants to be used against women to undermine our health and safety at any time, any time, by other conservative candidates as well. Even this nonsense with Laura Bush deciding she was ‘turning her gaze from girls’ now to focus on boys is another very good example of what I’m talking about. Frankly I don’t care about the gaze but, of course, with that gaze comes money, which now less will be spent on girls because her husband was put back in the White House.

Last but now least, any wars started by these unstable societies could result in the US having to reinstate the draft, this time with women included. Or concurrently the opposite could happen, as most society in wartime revert back to extremely traditional roles for women, thus effectively wiping out all of the hard won gains that women fought for over the last 50 years or so.

So there is much more at stake here then just the numbers. It’s called respect. Respect for women. Which obviously is clearly lacking in the rest of the world if they think they can just get away with these sorts of behaviors since there is no one to call them to account for them. We must ensure that they not only understand that a crime has been committed by one half of humanity against the other; but that forces exist that will punish those societies who engage in these crimes.


Anonymous said...

"but that forces exist that will punish those societies who engage in these crimes."

And these forces are composed by...? YES! By MEN! The same men you love to belittle, bash and deny rights.

Isn't it a bit cheeky to ask them to fight and die for your ideas?

NYMOM said...

"but that forces exist that will punish those societies who engage in these crimes."

And these forces are composed by...? YES! By MEN! The same men you love to belittle, bash and deny rights.

Isn't it a bit cheeky to ask them to fight and die for your ideas?"

So far you have belittled, bashed and mocked every single article or post I put up on this site...

I'm just curious why you even bother coming here as clearly you have no real interest in the issues I've written about on here, unless it's to belittle anything I say about them...

So what are you even posting here for...