Saturday, December 04, 2004

What's Wrong with Women - Part II

Listening to, Steven Rhoads, author of "Taking Sex Differences Seriously" talk about his book, I was very impressed with some of his insights. One of the most insightful comments he made was that the 'androgynous' project western society has embarked upon today, in another misguided attempt to minimize the real differences between men and women, is basically indicative of 'misogyny' or hatred of women. Thus, for instance, we see that the root of a lot of the propaganda which has generated our current gender-neutral custody frenzy is a force that is essentially anti-woman. In fact, any objective person after reading through the research he has compiled in his book, would have to come to the inevitably conclusion that the movements that support fathers rights are not really pro-children, as their propagandists would have us believe, but are more anti-woman then anything else.

Some of his facts, such as the worldwide statistic that men kill 28x more persons then women do was even a surprise to me. I knew instintively that men were more violent (as most honest persons would admit) then women, but didn't realize the differences were so high as I only looked at US statistics which indicated a ten to one disparity in violence and murder between the sexes, now I see in fact it's closer to thirty to one just concerning murder, if we include ALL crimes of violence or even ALL anti-social acts men commit that might NOT be illegal per se, who knows how great the disparity would be...

Yet we see one propagandist after another, continue to insist that women are just as violent as men, that there is no differences in fathers and mothers vis-a-vis children or their care, that government monies for domestic violence shelters should be divied up equally between men and women, etc., since men and women are equally victimized by domestic violence in their homes. Statements which are so counter-intuitive to what most of us know to be true from our own lives and NOW even the statistics, that it makes you question the motivations of the persons who sprout these phony factoids since they are such obvious lies.

More shocking through is how many women participate in spreading these lies. What possible reason could they have for aiding and abetting such a misogyny project? I have my own theory about this which I've outlined below.

It appears that for women, at least, the traditional patriarchal family structure that most of us were raised within still dominates our inner lives. It was a comfortable structure for many of us, at least in our heads it was, no matter the reality on the ground. Men existed, again in our heads, as these wonderful, powerful creatures who were all-knowing, well-meaning, wiser then women and children, strong but not threatening. Almost like a young girl controlling some huge, powerful, potentially dangerous (but not to her) animal like a wolf, or a lion, maybe a wild horse. It was dangerous to other people but she was safely shielded by her own unique 'control' of the great creature.

Women now appear to be trying to project this inner childlike imagination (and it is childlike, another attempt to not grow up and be protected by an imaginary daddy) into our outer life as well, since if you look at the movies and TV shows that most of us spend our recreational time living vicariously through, many focus on the same formula as well: women controlling powerful male figures fighting the system, dangerous to others, but not herself. For instance let's review some popular media character sketches that many women are very taken with: the lone police officer fighting the system, usually to capture killer of women; war hero, aka Steven Segal or Chuck Norris, somehow daughter, wife, girlfriend, etc., figures promiently by getting killed, kidnapped, raped, etc., war hero has to rescue them; fathers as single head of family with children, girls in family usually teens (probably women identify with them as opposed to adult women)...and last, but not least, these women by involving themselves in campaigns to re-establish the 'rights' of men, who have been removed from their places of promient both within their homes and society as well, continue this projection of their inner lives onto their outer existence.

Women (particularly the ones who function as advocates for the mens' and fathers' rights groups) appear to represent this segment of women which I just referred to above who have not yet fully accepted the fact that this inner life is false. That men are no more fit to function as head of household (and by extension head of societies) then women are. That, in fact, many of them are less fit to function in these capacities. That due to essential differences between men and women, men actually function less well in certain capacities: one of these being the care of infants and young children due to their inherently lesser investment in bringing forth life...

AND that women, in their role as mothers, are usually the best, natural and most logical representive for the best interests of their children, always have been and will remain so in the future.

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