Sunday, September 17, 2006

More Evidence that Gender-Neutralized Feminists are Deserving of No Support from Ordinary Women

This was a rather interesting study published: Racial and Gender Disparities in Prison Sentencing: The Effect of District-Level Judicial Demographics, Author: Max M. Schanzenbach.

Overall it found that having more women appointed as Judges had the odd effect of no benefit whatsoever to other women. Every other group (black or Hispanic) had some measurable benefit demonstrated, at least in sentences for lesser crimes, except women. We didn’t get it as a benefit for sentencing on either lesser or more serious crimes.

Ummmm…so can someone remind me again what overall benefit women get from supporting the group of elite feminists, who graduate law school, into Judgeships or even seats on the Supreme Court?

Read it and think:

Racial and Gender Disparities in Prison Sentencing: The Effect of District-Level Judicial Demographics
Max M. Schanzenbach.


Studies of federal prison sentences consistently find unexplained racial and gender disparities in the length of sentence and in the probability of receiving jail time and departures from the Sentencing Guidelines. These disparities disfavor blacks, Hispanics and men. A problem with interpreting these studies is that the source of these disparities remains unidentified. The gravest concern is that sentencing disparities are the result of prejudice, but other explanations have not been ruled out. For example, wealth and quality of legal counsel are poorly controlled for and are undoubtedly correlated with race. This paper uses the political, racial, and gender composition of the district court bench to estimate the effect of judicial demographics on sentencing and on observed racial and gender disparities. The findings regarding gender in the case of serious offenses are quite striking: the greater the proportion of female judges in a district, the lower the gender disparity for that district. I interpret this as evidence of a paternalist bias among male judges that favor women. (I, on the other hand, interpret it as women, even at the elite levels, consistently remaining a bunch of Uncle Tom bootlickers frantically attempting to bend over backwards to please men. Even if it means having to stab their sisters in the back on a fairly consistent basis. But this is obviously a question of differing interpretation, of course). The racial composition of the bench has mixed effects that are open to different interpretations. The race and gender results suggest, however, that a Judge’s background affects his or her sentencing decisions. Finally, there is little evidence that the political composition of the district affects sentencing disparities.


Well I’m tickled pink that black and hispanics groups can look forward to more fairness in the legal system in the future. Since as the number of Judges, representing their interests, increase in direct proportion to their increasing political power, these groups will reap the obvious benefits. However, I’m more then a little concerned that the group of gender-neutralized feminists that women have representing our interest in the legal system reflects just the opposite trend.

As I’ve frequently said, although men keep screaming about bias against fathers in the family courts, the reality is just the opposite. Anyone looking at the statistics over the last decade or so can clearly see that men are favored in the family courts (which are now infested with gender neutralized feminists and their supporters at every level from Evaluators to Judges). These gender-neutralized feminists have caused millions of fine, fit, loving mothers to lose custody of their children. Objectively looking at the census statistics we can see that the overall rate of fathers obtaining custody of children has steadily increased as more and more of these gender-neutralized feminists continue pouring into the system.

The study above, although focused on federal court system, nevertheless highlights exactly what I’ve been talking about…

AND if other women continue ignoring this situation, it will only worsen as these gender-neutralized monsters will never be satisfied until the numbers of mothers losing their children has reached the 50 percentile or even HIGHER. Frankly I don’t think there is any number of mothers losing their children that will sate them…

Since most women will become mothers, but far fewer women become lawyers, I think we need to take action against this group of gender neutralized social engineers BEFORE they do any more damage to us.


silverside said...

Women (and concerned men) cannot assume anything based on the gender or racial/ethnic background of any judge or politician. In fact, many basically reactionary women and minorities are having their careers promoted by the powers that be, while progressive-minded and fair people are left at the starting gate. So READ what they have to say, and see if their record backs it up. Assume nothing.

NYMOM said...

Yes, that's true.

I've found that out over the last few years...You really can't assume anything these days regarding anyone's intentions.

Tonia said...

I see a story underneath your postings. Are you willing to share it--first person, real-time. I'd love to hear it:

NYMOM said...

"I see a story underneath your postings."

Not really...

I got involved accidentally in this whole non-custodial mothers issues due to a highly publicized kidnapping here in NYS...a 2 year old was kidnapped from its mother by a father and stepmother (Ryan Patrick Greene). He wasn't located for 14 years...when he was found there was no punishment given to the father or stepmother...they were let off scot free with custody of the kid.

I then started researching this whole parental abduction business and found out how many kids are abducted every year...over 300,000 annually, many by fathers who then receive no punishment. Many eventually even being awarded custody through their actions like Greene was...

That research led me to the non-custodial mothers situation and the rest as they say is history.

I don't know why people must assume that involvement in a cause ONLY happens if you yourself have experienced the same trauma...

I have raised my own children, YET can identify with mothers who lose their kids due to some jackoff not wanting to pay child support or just on some sick power trip to torment a woman by stealing her kids...