Saturday, July 29, 2006

Another Father Caught Working the System

At the following link is a story outlining how a father worked the legal and religious system in Malaysia in order to try and get custody of a 2 and 3 year old from their mother. Which btw, under Islamic Sharia law young children are supposed to be left in the care of their mother, until about the age of 7 or so, thus he was already breaking the tenets of muslim law even though a recent convert.

The mother reponded by ‘abducting’ the children to another jurisdiction.

This is one of the primary reasons I am very conflicted about private citizens involving themselves in these supposedly ‘parental abduction cases’ particularly when they involve a mother with young children (and to be clear my definition of young children is any kid under the age of 10, which unless abuse or neglect is involved should automatically be in the care of their mother)…as we never know the true circumstances involved and could be returning children to men who have been enabled to work the legal system.

There are natural laws that are far older and wiser then the laws of men, who have passed many rules and public polices to mainly benefit each other. Thus, I don’t accept as legitimate any law, rule or public policy that condones separating a mother from her child, unless abuse or neglect is involved. God, nature or evolution, whichever you believe had the preeminent role in creating our world, has already chosen the best, most obvious and natural caretaker to raise the young of every species, as well as our own, and that being is known as a MOTHER…not father, grandparents, the village, state, etc., but a MOTHER.

Those who don’t like it take it up with your deity.

Men who wish to improve the lot of children in this world can make a far more significant contribution by working collectively to keep each other from starting wars, for instance, as opposed to trying to fight every mother the world over for custody of her children…

I guess the bottom line, as always, is that each person must follow their own conscious on these complicated issues.


Anonymous said...

If parents considering divorce cannot agree about the question, what is the best for their children, the decision has to be made by a court.
It is NOT always the best, if children remain with their mother.
Most child mistreatments are done by mothers and not fathers worldwide, not only in the USA. Just one reason out of many to hear both sides of the story, regardless if the divorce takes place in America or in Asia.

NYMOM said...

I never said it was ALWAYS the best that children remain with their mothers; however, it usually is...especially young children. Which Islam itself recognizes this as Sharia law directs that children up to about the age of 7 or so should remain in the custody of their mothers.

YET western civilization which is presumably so much more enlightened regarding the treatment of women and children ignores this bit of common sense.

Most child mistreatments are done individually by females but since we raise 99% of the young of every species I don't consider that odd. After all, even in nature a mother lion or bear will sometime abandon or kill a cub...Does this then translate into handing all cubs over to the male of the species declaring them to be the better parent????

I don't think so...not unless you want the species to become extinct that is...

A few bad apples does not negate the fact that mothers have been raising the children of this world for CENTURIES and doing a damn good job of it...

Unknown said...

You seem extremely militant in your views. I'm sorry you were attracted to some idiot who messed you up, most likely because your own father was an idiot as well. Women with father issues generally end up with men exactly like their father. Let me tell you, my parents were divorced and I chose to live with my father. I'm a male yes, and if I was a girl, I'd probably live with my mother. Boys raised by just their mothers with no father present almost always have mental issues. A boy needs a father. There's been a trend in this country which I like to call the pussification of the american male. Courts automatically assign guardianship to the woman nowadays, and you end up with a boy who is either coddled to death or driven insane from estrogen. The result is either a homosexual, huge daddy issues, or a generally weak person who can't assert themselves and don't know how to take care of themselves in the real world. The only way to raise healthy children is to have both parents present. Girls go with their mothers, boys with their fathers. They should maintain a relationship with the parent they don't live with if at all possible. You seem to think that Mommy can handle all and dad is superflous. Not true. Any kind of single parent situation is harmful, more so if there is a gender difference between them as mentioned earlier. Your words scream past abuse by your father and by your imseminator. Let me tell that all of us are not like the ones you knew. You just ended up with one like your dad because that's what abused women do. Yes, most of us are crude and logical, but you love us and we love you. So go out and meet a man who is actually nice. On a different note, the responsibility should be placed on the woman, if a man intimates or flat out tells a woman he doesn't want kids and she goes ahead anyways, that is her responsibility to take care of the kid, not his. She should wait until she gets married and start using the pill.

NYMOM said...

Sean, if you consider my opinion that mothers are the people MOST invested in their young and thus, MOST likely to be the one acting in the best interest of them, then yes I'm militant.

So, I guess nature and evolution are militant as well.

Also it's just the opposite of what you say by the way, about mother raising boys making 'pussies' of them.

Mothers raising boys alone actually raise the most aggressive and dangerous of men.