Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Feminists' Continue their Relentless March into Gender Neutrality


NEWS: A look at what's in the final bill.

By Ann Friedman

December 19, 2005

The Violence Against Women Act gained final approval from Congress on Saturday, just before the holiday recess. Final negotiations between the House and Senate versions of the bill centered on language and funding for crucial programs such as rape prevention and education, the National Domestic Violence Hotline, and training for health care providers.

Women's rights advocates, who had worried that important provisions would be lost at the last minute, are celebrating the bill's passage as a major success.

"There was a sustained level of drama, trying to figure out if those desperately-needed programs were going to make it in," says Lisalyn R. Jacobs of the National Task Force to End Sexual and Domestic Violence Against Women. "I guess Santa decided he was going to be beneficent."

The legislation also contains a section "clarifying" that VAWA-funded programs are gender-neutral. Men’s rights groups, which have long pushed for VAWA to be made “male-inclusive,” are hailing the language as a victory. But domestic violence groups say VAWA has never denied services to men.

"From our perspective, VAWA was never discriminatory. So we don’t necessarily understand why there was such an organized movement toward incorporating that language," says Cheryl O'Donnell of the National Network to End Domestic Violence. "Of course we want to ensure that services are available to all victims of violence.

At the same time, the reason it’s called the Violence Against Women Act is that it's recognizing that women are overwhelmingly the victims of violence."

Well yes, Virginia we know that women are overwhelmingly the victims of domestic violence, just like we know that women are overwhelmingly the parent who invests the most blood, sweat and tears into children.


Yet, pushing gender neutrality into the language of custody law and burying our heads in the sand on that issue has enabled millions of men to wrestle custody of children from normal, fit, loving mothers. While condemning children to years of being used to either enable men to avoid paying child support or to torture their mothers using the court system as a club against them.

So yes, the gender neutral language WILL make a difference.

It will probably mean that another tool has been added to the “I’m going to take the kids away from you now and you are never going to see them again” toolbox that men have available now THANKS TO FEMINISM.

Thus enabling some idiot to torture another mother and her kids claiming she is the one who is abusive to him and then stealing services from what should be a sanctuary for women.

Feminism, at this point in it’s strange and twisted evolutionary history, has proven basically useless to mothers in this whole decades long custody war crisis that mothers have been experiencing. Their mindless support of gender neutrality in custody decisions has led to millions of fit and loving mothers losing their children and since most women become mothers (or at least used to), they can pretty much cross those women off their supporters list.

If history is any guide to what will happen next, feminists will fall into a similar useless pattern vis-à-vis abused women as they did with ordinary fit mothers. Probably eventually striving to have every shelter reflect a male population of 50%, so feminists can show they are totally gender neutral.

Thus, it appears that the more time passes the more useless the entire feminist movement becomes to women. AND like most entities that have outlived their usefulness (such as dinosaurs) extinction as a real possibility begins to loom on their horizon…

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