Saturday, August 13, 2005

Leave Japan's Mothers Alone Before we Screw Them up Now...

“The Japanese have relatively low but rising divorce and illegitimacy rates, and are considering allowing more non-consensual no-fault divorce, according to Prof. Tomiyuki Ogawa. No-fault divorce is currently available by mutual consent, and 90% of divorces are settled by this means, and are not handled by the courts in any way. Another 9% settle in mediation, and 1% go to trial. For the 1%, a divorce can be granted for adultery, desertion, incurable insanity, or grave irreconcilable differences. However, a spouse who is at fault cannot get a divorce on any of these grounds, unless the separation has been very long, there are no children, and there is no damage to the other spouse. A committee is considering one change to this scheme: decreasing the separation period to five years. Reformers and scholars are also gravely concerned that the 90% of divorces that are by mutual consent usually give mothers custody, but no child support!”

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So reformers are concerned that 90% of divorce that are by mutual consent give mothers custody w/o child support? Which obviously demonstrates that this is probably a deal worked out between the parents, where what is important to EACH gets negotiated between them. The US had the same situation as well until the 70s, but then decided to listen to a bunch of busy bodies (reformers they called themselves) convince us to change what we had for what we have today, which is now total chaos.

The end result is that now every separation or divorce where children are involved ends in a bitter custody battle. Millions of mothers have lost custody of their children. Many Americans, who never committed a crime in their life, have become criminals for being assessed high child support they cannot pay. Abduction of children by their parents numbers in the hundreds of thousands now and the FBI actually has a website exclusively devoted to parental abductions.

Not to mention that Japan is already facing declining birth rates which this is going to do nothing to help. Since as soon as women figure out what's going on (and it doesn't take long) many of them will decide it's just not worth the risk of having children, just like what is happening here.

So please let us leave the Japanese alone and not start them on the American path to ruin that we have put ourselves on.


Just ONCE can we keep our nose out of another countries’ business.

Just ONCE.


Most divorces in Japan are amicable precisely BECAUSE everybody gets what they want. Mothers get custody of their children and fathers are not forced into poverty paying mandatory child support. Illegitimacy there is low as there is no financial incentive to get pregnant and little to divorce unless you are literally in crisis, as there are no financial rewards to that route either.

Thus as a wise old man once said: If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

So tell those reformers and assorted other eggheads to MIND THEIR OWN BUSINESS. Leave well enough alone OTHERWISE Japan will be facing the same mess the US is in right now.


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