Sunday, August 21, 2005

Bill O'Reilly Owes Dead Iraq Soldier's Mother, Delores Kesterson, an Apology

I was very disappointed in Bill O’Reilly treatment of non-custodial MOTHER Delores Kesterson on his show, The Factor. He appeared to have invited her on his show under false pretexts. I believe she thought she was going to have a forum to discuss her grief at losing a son in Iraq and instead of being sympathetic to this woman (who really lost her son twice, once when she lost custody and now to an illegal war) O’Reilly then proceeded to do everything he could to discredit Delores Kesterson by inviting her ex-husband, Clay Kesterson and his wife M.J. Kesterson on the Factor afterwards, to discuss how THEY really raised Delores Kesterson’s son Erik Kesterson, thus implying Delores Kesterson had no business even saying anything about Erik’s death.

My first question would be: Why would you even invite a step-person on a show of this nature? Obviously it was to try and slander this mother Delores Kesterson due to her anti-war opinion. Most of us were interested in the opinions of this dead Iraq soldier’s MOTHER, not a step-person. So obviously the only motive I can discern for O’Reilly to even have a step-person on his show would be to try to discredit Delores Kesterson. To make it appear that she was an unfit mother to begin with (which would be the ONLY reason acceptable to most people for a mother to NOT have custody of her child) and thus ultimately implying that Delores Kesterson had no right to even grieve for her son now as an adult dead in Iraq OR TO VOICE DISSENT ABOUT THE WAR.

It was outrageous really.

Which by the way, this step-person didn’t shut-up once during the entire segment. I was ready to throw up all over my tv set if I heard her say one more time: ‘our son’. No lady, not your son, Delores Kesterson is the grieving MOTHER here, not you.

It was clearly an attempt to alienate this mother from her son, even in death, by trying to imply she had no right to her grief and thus, of course, no right to an opinion on the WAR.

Like I said, I was very saddened and disappointed at Bill O’Reilly for doing this.

Sadly the No Spin Zone is spinning now, hate to have to be the one to tell him.

It was interesting during the Bridget Marks fiasco, Bill O'Reilly was very kind to Bridget Marks when she went on his show YET she was far more at fault then Delores Kesterson for her predicament. I guess to get any respect as a mother these days, you have to be a model who poses nude in Playboy, gets pregnant by your married boyfriend, conduct yourself like a total nitwit throughout the custody trial, finally culminating in making a public spectacle of yourself and your children on nationwide TV after the fact.

Then you get treated with respect as a mother on Bill O’Reilly’s show.

Sad, really.

Here's the link if anyone is interested.


Anonymous said...

This question may sound stupid, but do you have to be a resident of NY to sign the petition? I live in Florida (the child support hell hole of the nation) and believe it or not, the more states that challenge and change the laws, the greater the possibility of this trend flowing downward.

NYMOM said...

No. The question isn't stupid.

Out of state residents can sign it but I believe for it to be effective MOST of the people signing it should be from the state it originates in.

But go ahead and sign it as we are badly behind in numbers. We have about 40 something people. And I wanted to have about 70 by now.

PolishKnight said...

A few things:

A This war is apparently "legal". Congress approved it (including those who voted for it before voting against it) and the reasoning based upon potential WMD's and UN sanctions was largely agreed upon by most western world leaders.

B If someone is looking to bash their children going to the Iraq war by going on the O'Reilly factor and get sympathy, well, they're REALLY looking in the wrong place! This would be sort of like you going for an interview to bash feminists on the Daily Show.

C You've seen the show so you can answer this question effectively: What kind of credibility does a mother have who basically badmouths her son's sacrifice? Cindy Sheehan has referred to the terrorists who killed her son as "freedom fighters". Great! There's nothing these "Freedom fighters" would love to do more than deny Cindy Sheehan religious and freedom-of-expression.

NYMOM said...

Cindy Sheehan has credibility as does Delores Kesterson...

It's Bill O'Reilly by attacking these mothers who is losing his.

Anonymous said...

I am not a fan of O'Reilly but may I say that giving birth does not make you a mother, raising a child does. My child is serving in Iraq and that is why my post is annon. I hate the war but would never protest it as to me that would deminish what his commitment is.

NYMOM said...

No. Your post is anonymous because like many of your ilk you're a coward who doesn't have the courage to post a proper name to your opinion.

Giving birth DOES MAKE you a mother, whether good, bad or an indifferent one is another story...