Tuesday, March 24, 2015

More Investigation is Needed and More Charges Required

They Ran My Little Girl to Death
Heather Walker's daughter, Savannah, died after her grandmother and stepmother allegedly forced her to run laps until she collapsed.

Heather Walker thought she had finally reached the end of a grueling three-year custody battle for her 9-year-old daughter, Savannah Hardin. But the next time she saw Savannah, the little girl was in a coma after allegedly being forced to run laps for hours as a punishment for eating candy bars.

Now, Savannah’s grandmother Joyce Hardin Garrard is on trial for capital murder in connection with Savannah’s death, and the girl’s stepmother, Jessica Hardin, has been charged with murder for allegedly failing to intervene when Savannah pleaded for help.

Walker, who declined to speak publicly about the tragedy for three years, told her story in an exclusive interview with The Daily Beast.

I think we need to look at this story a little more closely.

I see a greedy and selfish father who managed to get custody switched to himself when he wasn’t even at home to take care of this little girl; then immediately started alienating the mother from her daughter while at the same time dumping her care off on his mother and new wife.

Of course, his mother and wife are totally responsible for what happened during the torture murder of this little girl; but shouldn’t some responsibility be laid at this man’s feet as well?  How does he manage to get off scot-free?   If this was a woman, she would have been charged just for leaving the girl in a dangerous situation.  Plenty of women go to jail with the same or higher sentences for leaving children with an abuser.   Don’t tell me this guy didn’t know what his own mother was about.  Clearly he did and chose to leave his daughter anyway…

Additionally I think we need to look at the line-up of custody cases the presiding Judge in this case handled to ensure  he hasn’t placed more kids in dangerous situations, switching custody to parents who are not even in the home to take care of these kids.

BTW, this is a very common ploy of men who wish to get out of paying child support.  Switching custody and then dumping their kids off on whatever woman is available to provide free child care for them…

There is more investigation to be done in this case, much more before we close the book on it.

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