Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Typical Schizophrenia Ruling from Family Court Judge

Well here we go again...another Judge giving a totally inconsistent custody ruling that makes absolutely no sense. Worse it sets the stage for another trip back to court in Texas when the mother finally gets there...if she can ever get together the means to relocate from California to Texas.

This Judges gives the mother and father Joint Custody (they both live in California) but then rules the father can move to Texas to follow his second wife. Probably setting the stage for him to start harassing his second wife now (and her newly adoptive child). His second wife is an actress. Obviously California is the place for her to live; but she's probably moving to Texas to get rid of this idiot and now the court lets him follow her.

Just great, now he can alternate between aggravating his 6 year old child's mother with a moveaway, while at the same time step up harassment of his second wife and her newly adopted son...

A double-header.

One of his excuses for moving to follow his second wife to Texas was: so his children can continue to maintain their 'close' relationship with their stepmother. Meanwhile she was the one who moved out and filed for divorce taking none of those kids with her. The youngest was 6 years old, she claimed she was like a mother to that child at the custody hearing to help her then husband get formal custody. Yet she had no problem dumping the child at a moment's notice when she wanted a divorce.

Hold the pail while I puke.

BTW, if she was so interested in her stepchildren, she could have filed a custody petition at the same time she filed for the divorce.

Yes, Virgina a step parent does have standing to file for custody.

Yet this second wife dba stepmother chose to just abandon the whole family (husband and stepkids) and just get a quickie divorce from her then husband.

So it's pretty clear she has little interest in any of those kids.

She has an adopted child now and like I said, probably moved to Texas so she could raise that kid in peace w/o this a-hole harassing her everytime she turns around as what single mother/actress moves from California to Texas w/o a good reason?

We really need to start changing the laws here that let Judges continue making these sorts of inconsistent rulings. Now the mother of this six year old probably has no money to appeal, she just got out of jail on tax evasion charges. Anyway we need to set up a system whereby Judges who gives these sorts of inconsistent custody rulings eventually get their employment terminated.

A new version of the 'Three Strikes and You're Out' rule in California.

BTW, I want to see if the authorities are as strict about enforcing a mother's visitation who was in jail for tax evasion, (probably her ex helped turn her into the IRS) as they were about enforcing the visitation of that rapist in Arizona.

Jesse James may take daughter to Texas
By Eunice Oh,
July 21, 2010 9:49 a.m. EDT
A court ruled Tuesday that Jesse James may take his 6-year-old daughter to Texas to a home near Sandra Bullock.


* James and Lindemulder faced off in a week-long trial over his move to Austin
* Lindemulder accused him of moving to simply try to win Bullock back
* James testified that Lindemulder still has unresolved personal issues

( -- Jesse James scored a victory in his custody battle with ex-wife Janine Lindemulder when a court ruled Tuesday he may take their 6-year-old daughter to Texas to a home near his other ex, Sandra Bullock.

Lindemulder, a former porn star who lives in California, wailed when the Orange County, California, judge announced the decision. "I'll move! I'll move!" she cried. "I can't get attached and let her go!"

James, 41, and Lindemulder, also 41, faced off in a week-long trial over his move to Austin, which he testified was for business purposes. He was quoted in an online interview that another reason was so his three children can maintain a close relationship with stepmom Bullock.

Lindemulder accused him of moving to simply try to win Bullock back at the expense of Lindemulder's relationship with Sunny. Bullock had helped raise Sunny during the actress's marriage to James and has said she is still close to the child.

The judge said that James and Lindemulder will have joint custody but James can take Sunny to Texas at the start of her new school calendar, which should be around mid-August. Until then, Sunny will be with her mom.

The motorcycle mogul testified Lindemulder, a recovering addict, still has unresolved personal issues and feared that if she "hit rock bottom" it would involve Sunny. Lindemulder says she has been sober for several years and wants to improve trust and communication with her ex.

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Val said...

Got any good links concerning international custody? I need to do some research for my SIL...

NYMOM said...

Not really...but international custody depending upon the country can be as bad for mothers, if not worse, then the US...

Actually a woman I met on the upper west side told me the US laws and courts are actually the same as the ones in Egypt (where she was from)...

Nice, isn't it? That our legal system is on par with Egypt, so she can expect the same treatment here that she would get over there.

Val said...

Well, we're talking about the UK...
I'd better email you w/the backstory!

NYMOM said...

Well just to let you know I find the UK to be the most like the US of all the European countries. Whereas Germany, France the rest of them will just tell the US to go screw itself and not honor their custody rulings...particularly when they involve service men who got a European girl pregnant while stationed over there and then decided to file for custody as soon as they get hit with a paternity suit from the mother's home country...