Thursday, January 03, 2008

Hold onto Your Hats, We are Heading for a Wild Ride...

The American Coalition for Fathers and Children is basically a group that spends its time trying to drege up stray bits and pieces of western history that essentially paint men as victims of bias in family courts; even though until fairly recently men ran the entire world. Actually in most places they still do, even to this day. Now that women (here in the west only) have finally managed to achieve some legal rights of our own, this group now actively works to undermine every right women have won by working within the system to hold our children hostage in exchange for our good behavior.

Thus, I can understand why they would want to have a woman as a 'front' for their activities.

I guess the only good thing I can say about this change in leadership is that it will finally demonstrate to ordinary women what I have been saying for years now. Which is that basically the entire womens' movement has been taken over by a group of radical, gender neutral proponents, who have used the movement as a vehicle to force all the rest of us into a vast social engineering experiment.

These andrognous feminists have caused much suffering for women who chose to become mothers instead of careerists, as they look down their noses at them. At the same time, they never hesitate to use these women when they wish to play the 'women as victim' card to help themselves advance and many of them have been launched into cushy careers in both government and academia playing this card. Of course, once there they never have a thought for the vast numbers of women whose backs they climbed upon to reach their positions of power. Instead, they suddenly become 'gender neutral' and begin to actively work with men to undermine womens' newly won positions.

This business of trying to usurp a mother's natural rights to her children is a good example. But there are others such as trying to force women to register for the draft, trying to get more women on death row to even out the percentages are some others, which I won't go into right now. But I think a reader can get my drift.

These gender neutralized feminists have caused hundreds of thousands (maybe millions, as the family court records are so secretive, at this point it's impossible to give an accurate figure with any certainity) mothers to lose their children, some good number of them infants.

This joint parenting business is just another tool in their arsenal.

I remember once listening to someone talking about Ronald Reagan and how he would try to assess the actions of some communist leader at the height of the Cold War in order to deal with them more effectively. He would often try to ascertain whether that person was a 'true believer' or just in it for the money and power they could amass from supporting the system as it existed.

I'm sorry to say it, but I fear that mothers today are facing the worse of most worlds.

We are facing many true believers: who actually believe that there is nothing sacred or even very significant in womens' ancient role of bearing life and that no mother/child bond exists. AND we are facing many who are just in it for the money and will latch onto any new crackpotted theory that might prove lucrative for them. Especially if they can work the system and get out of paying child support or get a tax exemption for themselves in the process.

As we have seen over the last century, it has been mainly the nutty ideas of the left which have caused the most misery for our world. From Stalin to Pol Pot our century is littered with the wreckage from the vast social engineering schemes which have been foisted off on the unwary public.

So I say to mothers now: keep an eye on this latest nutty social engineering experiment coming to us from left field...


Dr. Linda Nielsen
Professor of Adolescent Psychology & Women's Studies
President, American Coalition for Fathers & Children

Dr. Nielsen is the first woman who has been asked to serve as President of the ACFC - the largest organization in the country advocating on behalf of shared parenting between divorced or never married fathers and mothers. As a national spokesperson for ACFC, Dr. Nielsen writes: "Having worked on behalf of shared parenting for the past two decades through my teaching and writing, I am honored to serve as ACFC’s President. By disseminating accurate information from our most recent and most reputable research, I will continue to promote shared parenting. Yes, there are challenges: to break down myths and stereotypes that undermine shared parenting, to change laws and policies that don’t reflect what the research clearly demonstrates is best for children, and to provide more support and encouragement for co-parenting families. Through education and legislation we can remove these barriers and empower parents to remain actively involved in their children’s lives. As our society and our legal system move towards fully accepting the fact that both parents are equally vital to the well-being of their children, we will all benefit."


silverside said...

Ho hum. Another Auntie Tom. Auntie Linda's just the latest. Unfortunately, women as a group seem to be more prone to sucking up strategies than racial/ethnic minorities.

NYMOM said...

Sorry for the late response but blogger no longer forwards comments to my email. Instead I have to login to blogger to retrive them. I have to be active now vs. pro-active in seeking out comments instead of them finding me via email.

I just keep forgetting to do it...

Anyway, I'm getting ready to change my email address because of it. As I pay for the email service and the only reason I pay for it is so I can have people's comments sent directly to that mailbox. So I'm not going to pay for a service I'm not getting.

Anyway, this woman had such a resume and list of works supporting fathers rights causes it was simply unbelievable. I cut that portion of her resume entirely out of my blog post, as I didn't want to give her works more publicity, but maybe I'll add it back in a separate post. Just to show people what I'm talking about.

Women are our own worse enemy...

How are things going with you and your daughter???

silverside said...

My daughter is good. I think she's becoming a normal teenager--the eyerolling and all that LOL. Before, just right after I got custody back, she needed a lot of mommy tlc and reassurance. Her self-esteem had really been shot by her abusive daddy and the gf. But (thank god!) he hasn't bothered to contact her at all, not even at Thanksgiving or Xmas. So things are looking up.

NYMOM said...

Well make sure you file early and claim your daughter he'll be trying to continue using her to get money and tax benefits.

Him and that lazy g/f need to get real full-time work now just like all the rest of us.