Sunday, March 25, 2007

Back Soon!!!

I have not been updating my blog recently as I've been ill and on bedrest for a while.

I should be back shortly with some interesting new posts.


Val said...

Hope you are feeling better soon; I look forward to your new posts!

Anonymous said...

Thank you soo much for your blog!
I don't believe, based on my life experiences, that she died of an accidental drug over dose, nor of suicide.

silverside said...

I think she died of medical malpractice. According to her autopsy report (available at Smoking Gun), Anna Nicole had Hashimoto's disease--apparently not diagnosed as there was no evidence of any medication (such as Synthyroid) to treat it. Also some speculation that she may have had lupus, which would have explained a lot of her body pain. As it is, the Hashimoto's diagnosis goes a long way in explaining her weight gain, depression, mental fog, and so forth. It's diagnosed with a simple blood test (I have it myself). But NO, Dr. Feel-Good just kept stuffing her full of anti-depressants and methadone, stuff that just masked her symptoms. Not to mention a sleeping pill that's virtually never prescribed anymore because it is unsafe--the same prescription sleeping pill that contributed to Marilyn Monroe's death. Of course, non of the worthless hanger-oner's around her thought to question all this either.