Saturday, January 20, 2007

Lesbian Mothers Targeted Today, All Mothers Tomorrow

These decisions were the logical outcome of the vicious fathers rights propaganda campaign that has been waged against mothers for the last decade or so in the West. Both are a good example of the direction that public policy is heading in since a number of countries made anonymous sperm donors illegal. The recent changes to public policy, although painted as limited to just giving a child information on their 18th birthday, will eventually prove to be far more insidious.

In fact the real goal of the changes in public policy was to stop women from becoming mothers without the required male overseer in charge of her.

As this Judge who made the ruling clearly stated, getting inseminated outside of the country and then petitioning for your lesbian partner to adopt was simply an attempt to circumvent the original intent of the law. As anybody but an idiot could have told them, the law’s original intent was not to allow a child to know who its sperm donor was on their 18th birthday for the so-called medical history reasons. The real intent was to have man with his foot back on the neck of woman again by using the power of the state to give recreational and anonymous sperm donors the same legal rights to a child as its mother.

As I’ve said in the past lesbians have allowed themselves to be used, both here and abroad, to get many anti-motherhood polices passed. Clearly they will be the first but not the last victims of these new public policy changes now.

Even if these cases are overturned on appeal, it is clear the direction we are heading in. It’s just a question of time before it will be illegal for single women in the West to have children at all unless they have a male sperm donor named on the birth certificate, who will be equal with a mother in all legal mattters pertaining to her child.

So it appears that once again men have manipulated the state to help them usurp the natural rights of women.

Thus the struggle continues.

Swedish Court Rejects Lesbian Co-Parenting
by Newscenter Staff
Posted: January 9, 2007 - 12:01 am ET

(Stockholm) A Swedish judge, ruling in two cases involving lesbian couples has ruled that the nonbiological mothers cannot adopt their partners children.

In each case the birth mother had been artificially inseminated. And in each case the birth mothers partners had been approved for adoption by social services authorities.

But in separate rulings Judge Mats Orstadius rejected the applications saying that the couples were trying to bypass Sweden's law allowing children to identify biological parents.

"It is not acceptable to use the institution of adoption to in this way circumvent such a basic right of the child. The benefits that the child might gain from the adoption still do not warrant its approval," Orstadius wrote in both rulings.

In both cases the couples are registered under Sweden's civil partner law.

The women called the ruling "incredulous" since the fathers were unknown sperm donors.

"There is no father, only a donor. That's why I'm trying to adopt," said one of the women.

An expert in family law at Uppsala University called the ruling flawed.

"It feels like the court is somehow trying to punish the women because they did something that is contrary to the interests of the child. But it is doing this in a way that is also contrary to the interests of the child," said Dr. Anna Singer.

Both couples said they will appeal the ruling. In previous cases judges have approved adoptions of partners' children.
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silverside said...

Be careful what you wish for, you might get it.

A lot of the Gay Rights Movement "me-tooism" is stupid and short-sighted. They manage to reproduce some of the right wing's platitudes about marriage and the father's overpreened importance (now transplanted onto the shoulder of the non-childbearing "mother") with no critical analysis at all.

I remember two lesbian friends of mine were all gooey-eyed about getting married in Canada--till they realized that they would get hammered by taxes. Same for all these lesbian moms who want to reproduce heterosexual norms and oppression without a man. Sure it's great if you live with "Linda" and want to have her help you raise your child. But if down the road, you discover that "Linda" is an neglectful alcoholic and you want her out of your life and your kid's life, you should have the right to make that decision without someone else second guessing it. But lesbian moms don't even think of that when they're "in love"--just as heterosexual women don't think of it. You can get rid of a babysitter who shows up late two days in a row, you can talk to the principal about getting your kid away from a hypercritical teacher (or even change schools). But once you label some other person who didn't give birth "a parent," it doesn't matter how badly they behave. They can harrass you and your kid for the next 18 years.

Straight moms and lesbian moms need to have a serious sitdown and a good talk.

NYMOM said...

So what's the answer then.

I guess a mother cannot, under any circumstances, allow anyone else to have legal rights to her children anymore since courts no longer recognize a mother's primary rights.

So ultimately this trend will lead to more women and children living by themselves as mothers are forced by courts to behave more defensively.

I've always said that men had the advantage only for a short time until women became aware of what was going on. The generation of women following ours will be much more wary and men will have a harder time pulling these little stunts...

Men have achieved a very short-term victory at great cost to society. As many of the hyjinks going on now with mothers is due to women trying to avoid giving men any legal rights to their children after birth.

Even the judge in the decison mentioned it.