Friday, March 24, 2006


I was listening to the news last night and a story came on about how some stores have started putting in parking spots closer to the entrances for pregnant women ONLY, like what they do for handicapped people. Of course, the men who made them pregnant will now start gripping about why they couldn't get a spot closer to the store entrance as well, it's discrimination, etc.,

Well that's another story.

Anyway, they interviewed a legislator who wanted to make a law mandating pregnant women automatically be able to use the handicapped parking spots from their third month of pregnancy, as they can send away for a sticker for six months and use it until delivery.

Makes a lot of sense actually...

Then, they interviewed a gender neutralized feminist from NOW who claimed NOW was against the whole idea: as pregnancy wasn't a handicap, pregnant women should be treated like everyone else, yada, yada, yada.

My first stunned thought was: who the hell designated this gender neutralized feminist to represent pregnant women????

That's my question.

What gives them the right to decide these things for mothers?

Even when they poked their big fat noses into that hearing where Congress wanted to bring those women in Iraq home (a good number of them single mothers) and Kim Gandy of NOW joined with the Pentagon to stop them.

Who in the heck gave NOW or any other gender neutralized group of feminist the okay to represent mothers?

That' s my question????


Anonymous said...

I believe that women gave NOW the right to decide things for mothers.And seeing that mothers are women then it stands to reason that mothers gave them the right.
(NOW does stand for National Organization for Women)

NYMOM said...

AND I believe you are wrong.

NOW assumed this right on their own. They are just another non-profit advocacy group for a small bunch of gender-neutralized feminists. They were never voted in or elected to be the voice for anyone...

Thus, they need to stop pontificating publicly on every issue that comes up which will impact mothers...

They have no more right then you or I as private citizens to speak out against those handicapped spaces for pregnant women. Just like they had no right to involve themselves when Congress wished to bring back those women from Iraq...

AND a 1001 other issues that impact mothers everyday that NOW has given themselves the authority to address in our names.