Sunday, January 22, 2006

F4J Continue their Sad and Demented Campaign to have Men in Charge of Everything Again

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Sunday, January 22, 2006

In the name of the Fathers

Crime Editor

SPECIAL Branch cops smashed a plot to kidnap little Leo Blair while monitoring a small band of fanatical dads, The Sun can reveal.

They stumbled across the startling plan as they investigated the activities of men on the lunatic fringe of the Fathers 4 Justice group.

Tony Blair and his wife Cherie were told about the threat to five-year-old Leo —the youngest of their four children.

A security source told The Sun: “They were naturally very concerned, as any parent would be. But they have been assured the police are on top of the situation.”

A security assessment of the Prime Minister’s family was carried out by Special Branch after the plot was uncovered.

It included analysis of the protection given to the Blairs’ other three children — Euan, 22 tomorrow, Nicholas, 20, and 17-year-old Kathryn.

The source said: “Appropriate steps have now been taken.”,,2-2006020727,00.html

As expected, it has finally come to the attention of authorities just how dangerous the Mens/Fathers Right movement actually is. These groups, that have sprung up like poisonous mushrooms throughout Western civilization, are a harbinger of the chaos to come if we continue ignoring the anti-social behavior of men posing as concerned fathers. When the real motivation driving these jealous misfits is hatred of women in their role as mothers, actually the very concept of motherhood.

By the way, I totally disagree with the Sun’s designation of this coming from “a small band of fanatical dads” or “men on the lunatic fringe” as the entire fatherhood movement is fueled by hatred of mothers. They are a dangerous, vicious, hate-filled group of men and some female enablers. After observing their activities for a few years now, I can speak from experience when I say they are a menace to Western society, almost as bad as Islamic terror cells. Actually, it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that some of their offshoots aren’t consorting with Islamic terrorists and other bands of men who hate women as well, like to like.

We have to remember two of the most dangerous domestic terrorists generated in the United States BOTH used children as a motivation for their acts. Tim McVeigh claimed he was avenging the children in Waco, even playing some crazy song about children at his trial. The Unibomber also wrote, in one of his nutty manifestos that was sent to a newspaper to be published, about how horrible it was for boys to be confined in classrooms forced to learn when they should be running free outdoors and playing. Think about this when you listen to some of these advocates for boys talking about the different ways of learniing for boys versus girls. Of course, it's okay to chain some little girl to her desk and force her to learn, but not a little boy they are different...

Anyway, I read recently on another blog how the fathers’ right movement appears to have the chameleon-like ability to appeal to both sides of the political spectrum. They frequently pose as progressives on the issue of child custody, which of course has always appealed to gender neutralized feminists, who would like nothing better then to eliminate the power that the mother/child bond holds over women. Yet when dealing with conservatives, the movement then morphs into concerned fathers who just wish to stop the deterioration of the ‘traditional family’. Thus they are able to play both ends from the middle, so to speak, making them even more menacing.

This probably explains why the authorities have ignored them up to now. As their true nature had not been revealed as yet. Now that it has, swift action should be taken against ALL these groups and they should be held to the same standards as everybody else. No special privileges for breaking the law, for instance, and the media should stop painting their activities as ‘light-hearted’ pranks, which they are not.

Furthermore, action must be taken against the groups and individuals who continue sprewing bile about mothers, especially single mothers, in the media. These fatherhood campaigns need to be “terminated with extreme prejudice”. As they do nothing but sprew propaganda and lies about women in their role as mothers. Trying to blame us for the deterioration of society. This propaganda acts as the ‘fuel’ which powers these Mens/Fathers Rights groups in their hate movement against mothers. It allows them to think that their actions are not crimes, but attempts to protect children or some such nonsense.

To begin the remedy of this situation, the media should be forced to begin featuring 36% of their news, tv shows, commercials etc., focusing positively on single mothers. As our last census showed that 36% of our children are now born to single mothers and it’s unfair to continue ignoring this growing segment of our society. I see more shows on tv and commercials featuring gay men or single fathers, then I do about single mothers and we are a far larger segment of the American population then either of those two groups.

It should already be obvious to even the most casual observer that God, evolution, or nature has already decreed that the mother/child bond is the more significant one in the life of a child, compared to the social construct that fatherhood represents. Those who have a problem with that take it up with one of the above deities.

Continuing the lie that fathers and mothers make equal investment in children is also a large part of the problem here. It convinces men (falsely) that they are being ‘cheated’ of something that is rightfully theirs, when mothers are overwhelming given custody of children. In fact, it is correct that mothers usually be given custody of children in most instances (barring abuse or neglect) as women are the ones who make the far larger investment in children. Women simply contribute, invest, and risk more vis-a-vis children, men little. I’m sorry but this is one time that men are not the captain of the ship, but simply one of the crew and they need to accept this designation. They are bit players in the drama of giving life. That’s just the way it was ordained. I have no idea why, maybe it would have been better for us if we could procreate in a gender neutral manner with everyone getting pregnant and bearing their own children; however, we can’t. So there is not too much we can do to change it now. Men rule everything else, so I don’t feel bad if they can’t have this too. Again, those who don’t like it, take it up with your deity, that’s just the way it is.

Societies that overlook the above, risk extinction.


Emancipated said...


PRO-ACTIVE work on changing the forces that stop men seeing their children because of the mother's wishes.
We already have the interests of a constituent MP and the executive for Scottish Justice -PLEASE, we NEED you to add a comment to the blog to show these people that fathers who need justice are NOT the minority.

NYMOM said...

Sorry but you're barking up the wrong tree...

Emancipated said...

I may be, but for every woman who bitterly hates men, there will be one who realises that they are human, and deserve a break.
Perhaps if more women saw what I have seen, with regard to decent law - abiding (and maintainance paying) fathers not being able to see their children for the mother's personal, or bitter reaons - perhaps they would change their minds.
I beg of you to reconsider the views you may already have formed about these "deadbeat" dads. They're not (well, not all of them) deadbeats and they deserve to see and take care of their children, after all, it is the main reason all we humans are here.
Thanks for bothering to even read it though, you're better than most :o)