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Motherhood's Special Status Under Attack Again from Jealous Misfits

Mother: Most Beautiful Word in the World

Of course, there will be the usual jealous, demented misfits, who will be mad that father wasn't included within the list.

Oh well...


“Mum's the word, says the world Mother was most loved, while father was absent, Mother is the most beautiful word in the English language, according to a survey of non-English speakers.

More than 40,000 people in 102 countries were polled by the British Council to mark its 70th anniversary. Mother, passion, smile, love and eternity were the top five choices - but father did not even make it into the list of 70 words.

But some unusual choices did make the list, such as peekaboo, flabbergasted, hen night and oi.

SOME OF THE TOP WORDS 1. Mother 2. Passion 3. Smile 4. Love 5. Eternity 48. Peekaboo 50. Kangaroo 61. Oi 63. Hiccup 70. Hen night Fantastic, destiny, freedom, liberty and tranquillity rounded out the top 10.

The British Council promotes the learning of English around the world and teaches the language to more than 500,000 people each year. Chris Wade, director of communications at the council, said the most favoured choices in the list were all strong, positive words. He said: "All of us have a mother and have a reasonable idea of who that person is, it's one piece of certainty we can have and it's also a very powerful word in a variety of cultures. "But I wonder if we would have had the same result if we had done the survey in the UK." He said the list showed the diversity of the English language: "There are words denoting concepts that people aspire to, like freedom; words that sounded fun like peekaboo and others that aren't really words at all but they convey real meaning, like oi."

Other words to make the top 70 included serendipity, loquacious, kangaroo and zing. There were also words imported from other languages, such as renaissance and aqua. Presumably, a maternal kangaroo would be highly rated indeed." We'll grab anything we can take. Lots of words have been stolen over the years," Mr Wade said. " But while other languages may be reluctant to use our words, [this has provided] a real richness in the English has evolved."

He said one English word to have gained widespread usage recently was flip-flop, which came 59th in the survey. Failed US presidential candidate John Kerry was accused by the Republicans of having "flip-flopped" - or changed his stance - on a number of policy areas. "Flip-flop was used a lot during coverage of the US election. If the survey had been done a year ago it probably would not be in the list," said Mr Wade.

Michael Quinion, whose recent book Port Out, Starboard Home examines some of the quirks of the English language, said it was a very "eclectic" list. He said: "These non-English speakers certainly have wonderful English vocabularies. "There seems to be a curious mixture of the formal and the colloquial. Oi is not a word that I would've thought turned up in English manuals all that often." The list also included what Mr Quinion said was his own favourite English word - serendipity, which came 24th. "It's so mellifluous but it's such a nice concept too."


Reviewing the article below, which appears to be a bitter retort to the article above I can clearly see what piece of the puzzle has been missing from the Men Rights movement in the West. Basically nobody has mentioned that this movement is, at its heart, a hate movement.

It’s a hate movement against women in general, mothers in particular, especially single mothers, who also appear to be its biggest victims.

From the Men’s Rights Movement have emerged two umbrella groups the Father’s Rights and the Grandparent’s Right Movements and both of these movements have as their goal to get as many children separated from their mothers as possible.

This is their aim.

Millions of single mothers, many minority women (who have had infants seized) appear to have lost custody of their children through our court system with little or no cause. Additionally loopholes in various state laws are allowing fathers to abduct their children legally, if the mother hasn’t rushed down to the courtroom immediately after birth to get some sort of legal custody established.

Right now about 2.5 million women have lost custody of their children (figures from 2000 Census) some good number of these mothers to never see these children again (similar to the Jerica Rhodes situation) for no other reason then to appease this hate movement known as the Fathers Rights Movement (a subgroup of this Men’s Rights Movement).

Also, as I said above, these hate-filled groups have coopted millions of grandparents into aiding and abetting them in these activities leading to another 5 million women losing their children to paternal grandparents (figures from AARP) and again, losing all contact with their children.

Sadly these groups have been aided by a the gender neutralized militant wing of NOW, which has always had a radical stream running through it as we can see from the following quote: “"No woman should be authorized to stay at home to raise her children. Women should not have that choice, precisely because if there is such a choice, too many women will make that one.” (Simone De Beauvoir, "Sex, Society, and the Female Dilemma," Saturday Review, June 14, 1975, p. 18.)

After reading the article below I will post some ideas to short-circuited the plans of these demented idiots.


D.L. Stewart: For some inexplicable reason, mom's the word
By D.L. Stewart

Dayton Daily News

Like most persons who have had one of their own, I'm a great fan of mothers.

D.L. Stewart: For some inexplicable reason, mom's the word
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Motherhood has been around nearly as long as there have been persons. Without mothers, the sales of flowers and candy in May would plummet, there would be fewer songs for Irish singers and the birthrate would fall dramatically. Because I have nothing but the deepest respect for mothers, I never would say anything bad about them. Besides, dissing someone's mother is a good way to get hurt really, really badly.

Still, I think those of us in the news business need to be a little careful about how — and when — we refer to motherhood.

The other day, for instance, there was a story about a traffic fatality. The headline said that a mom had been killed.

I'm very sorry for her family's loss, but I'm not sure why the fact that she was a mom was included in the headline. On the same page there were two stories about men, and both headlines merely used the word "man."

But I might not have noticed all that except for the fact that it came just a few days after a television report that caught my attention.

Promoting the upcoming 11 p.m. news, an announcer declared that the top story concerned "four moms" who had been found guilty of a serious crime that day. So I stayed tuned to the channel, and when the 11 p.m. news came on, a news reporter confirmed that the top story had to do with "four mothers."

According to the report, the four women had stolen some clothes from a store. As they were making their getaway, their car struck and killed a man who had just stepped off a sidewalk. All four women were found guilty of murder, although the verdicts may be appealed.

However it turns out, the story was a tragedy for all concerned. But I'm still trying to figure out where motherhood entered into it. If four guys who happened to have children were in that car, would anyone have reported that "four dads" had been found guilty of a serious crime?

Maybe it was because the thought of mothers committing a crime goes against our perception of motherhood. But in the past few years, stories involving mothers who have committed crimes against their children have become way too frequent to support that notion.

Or maybe it was because we're still uncomfortable with sending mothers to prison.

One of the women, in fact, immediately played that card. As the verdict was read, according to news reports, she pleaded, "We've all got kids. My baby is 1." At the risk of sounding hard-hearted, she probably should have thought of that before she went out to steal clothes.

Still, it's a tragedy. Four women will be going to prison. At least four children will be minus a parent. And, by the way, a man is dead.

None of the news accounts I saw mentioned whether he was a father.

D.L. Stewart's column appears Tuesday, Friday and Sunday in the Life section. Contact him at 225-2439 or by e-mail at

Sadly I could see the envy dripping from this poor demented soul...that someone referred to these women as mothers...

Oh let's mount a campaign to stop the newspapers from doing that...

Well as we can also see beyond the envy the more important issue is that this envy has caused millions of mothers to lose custody of their children over the last decade or so, thus, these movements are gaining momentum. They have managed to get government funding for groups, which give fathers assistance (but not mothers) in learning how to gain custody of their children especially through these loopholes in state laws.

Additionally they have been putting out false statistics about mothers, especially single mothers and have managed to get public policy changes due to these statistically lies they’ve spread.


One. The first area which must be addressed is the tax money spent ONLY on fathers. That must end. Either that money helps both single fathers and single MOTHERS or it has to stop. It’s the equivalent of giving men free attorneys to help gain custody of children from perfectly fine and loving mothers, many of them minority women btw as statistics appear to point to black women losing custody of babies; whereas white women are voluntarily giving custody of older children to their fathers. I have no problem with the latter situation MANY MANY MANY problems with the former…MANY...

Two. Organizations that insist on continuing to JUST help fathers must lose their non-profit status and be made to pay taxes on any monies they receive. These must include internet based groups as well.

Three. The FBI website must include pictures of abducted children and their parents in PROPORTION TO THE NUMBER OF PERPETRATORS who actually commit the crime. In essence if 2/3 of the perpetrators of this crime are men that should be the proportion of the pictures highlighted on the site.

What currently happens is it’s mostly women and their children featured on the site even though 2/3 of the parents who abduct their children are men…

That needs to stop yesterday.

Four. We need a separate statistics group to analyze any data coming out from any ‘fatherhood’ groups BEFORE it is released to the public. As it has just come to my attention that many fathers do not respond to the surveys of these groups at the same rate as mothers. Thus 50% of a lower response should NOT be allowed to be released as 50% of fathers…as 50% of 100 responses from fathers should not be allowed to = 50% of 1000 responses from mothers.

This, in fact, would be a statistical lie sent out to the public

Five. ALL media must now begin to put out 50% of all ads, movies, TV shows, news spots, magazine stories, etc., to be positive about mothers…36% of these spots must represent single mothers as our latest statistics show that 36% of births now occur to single mothers.

This will include internet sites as well…

The media has become much too focused on a small minority of single fathers to the detriment of single mothers, who make up the majority of the pool of single parents and are being underrepresented here.

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